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Teacher Spotlight: Be Shakti

November 3, 2016

I was lucky enough to catch a few moments with our teachers Be Shakti  between her time catching waves, teaching classes and training for Ironman. Read on for notes from our interview to learn how she sees her practice on her mat and daily life as interconnected. Check it out!

What excites you about your upcoming retreat?

Being on the sea is perhaps the greatest atmosphere and environment for an immersion of the self, into the self. The waves, the ocean. And realizing that the waves are the ocean, and the ocean not the wave. We are far more than we can imagine, everything and one.

What does your practice look like? What is your favorite pose?

My practice right now is in every single breath. My time on the mat is sacred as well, but my focus has shifted from asana to the other 7 limbs. Meaning, it’s Life. It’s relationships. It’s the hard stuff.

Who are your teachers? Who/what inspires your teachings?

Life is my biggest teacher, my Guru. I think Krishna Das said it best, something along the lines of – the darkness is my teacher, the destruction is my teacher, the light is my teacher, life is my teacher. Also – Raghunath. He was the first teacher to really break my heart open, and it hasn’t closed since.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I just finished training for and racing in my first half Ironman! I love movement, being in my body. I also love being in Nature – surfing, hiking, being barefoot, counting stars and chasing the shooting ones…

How do you balance spiritual practice with life’s daily challenges?

I don’t see the two as separate. I think the daily challenges ARE the spiritual practice and platform for our growth as spiritual creatures.

What are your favorite yoga books to read for inspiration?

Upanishads. For life.

Whats your mantra?

Time is fake.

Lindsay Foreman

Lindsay’s core teaching is to empower people to believe in themselves. She wants to help you rise above the things that hold you back. She wants to help you discover an authentic way of moving in your body. And give you the courage to listen to your intuition. I want you to feel good expressing exactly who YOU are, because that is beautiful!

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