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Tapping Into Your Power

March 25, 2015

big sur

As adventure-seekers and yogis, we know that trust is key to stepping into our power and finding expansion. By offering nourishment, new experiences, great community, and immersive yoga, yoga retreats are the perfect opportunity to really dive in. By connecting with ourselves and with others, we can learn to distill our fears and the power they might be holding over our actions. We can get at the core of our fears see what they are trying to tell us as useful tools, not barriers.

Carley Hauck, Founder of Intuitive Wellness, shares some juicy inspiration to help move through those fears that might be getting in the way of those much bigger dreams in her post below. Get cozy and enjoy!

In the theme of trust, I have observed that the subject of “Can I trust this person?” comes up a lot more in our intimate relationships vs. our friendships. Why? It is because it mirrors our relationships in childhood where we were able to trust or not able to trust.

We all have 2 main fears in relationship:

A fear of abandonment or a fear of engulfment (suffocation).

Fear can sometimes feel very real and powerful. Our fears often come from a past experience or belief that was true then, but may not be true now.

Fears can also come from one of the many negative thoughts that arise in our brain (70-80% of our thoughts everyday lean toward the negative, so it is a good practice to ask, “Is this true?”).

For example, we may have a thought such as, “Will this person like me? “Will I measure up to what they want?” 

From this thought a feeling of fear and insecurity arises. As I shared many of our thoughts are not true, so if we can be with the feeling of fear that is here, we can begin to investigate if this thought is in fact true and if we need more information before we respond.

It is a practice to slow down when fear is here. What may get in the way of pausing and listening to fear and the wisdom behind it is we may not trust ourselves and our power.

Have you ever said this to yourself, ” I might not be loved if I show my power, so I choose not to claim it.”

This statement is the same as choosing not to love ourselves. 

When we don’t acknowledge or say what is true, we are abandoning ourselves and this takes away our esteem and our power. 

Do you know what conquers fear? Love. Yes, if our love for ourselves or others is greater than our fear, then the power of love prevails. For example in relationships, if we can express our fears and talk about them, then we can hear them out loud and accurately assess if they are true.

We can begin to release our fears and replace them with love and rewire the brain by inserting new phrases.

Try these…

> I accept and cherish my own power.
> I am the one who has power. Fear does not have the power.

Now try on some of these powerful actions and see how they feel.

> Admit you are afraid of your power and then affirm your power.
> Do something each day that reflects your deepest needs, wishes, and values.
> Speak up for yourself
> Ask for what you want
> Don’t put up with abuse of any kind
> Give up designing your behavior by the desire to be liked (Be yourself!)
> Take responsibility for your behavior
> State and maintain your boundaries, especially about the level of energy you can handle being around or taking in.

In the photo at the very top, you see the beautiful image of Big Sur, which is where I was this weekend filling my love bucket so that I could come back rejuvenated and able to give and serve in the ways that I do. On my slower weekend, I was working with embodying my own power. I was trying on different power poses in my yoga practice, investigating how I carry myself sitting and walking, tuning into my old negative beliefs and observing what I say to myself that is bringing me power or taking it away? Additionally, I was noticing does the food I eat, the company I keep, the rest or lack of rest I give myself give or take away my power?

I am an inner introvert so tapping into my power, requires slowness so that I can come back to center. When I am in balance, I feel powerful. I invite you to tap into what is feeding your power and what is taking it away and share with me how it goes.

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Written By: Carley Hauck

Written by Carley Hauck. Carley Hauck, MA is the founder of Intuitive Wellness where she works as an integrative life coach, teacher, and consultant. She has offices in SF and Oakland. Additionally, she consults with many Bay Area companies to help support health, happiness, and productivity at work. Carley teaches at Stanford on the topics of Intuitive Eating, Food as Medicine, the Power of Habit, and Happiness.