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Our yoga & travel experts advise us on the experiences we develop, ensuring the highest level of quality & authenticity. If you need help with anything visit our FAQ page and feel free to contact us!

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At YOGASCAPES, we care about the impact of our travel — not only to support the continued preservation of the destinations we explore and their communities, but also for the rich experiences that open up when we decide connect deeply with and respect people and place.

By supporting local relationships, integrating with nature, fostering curiosity, and cultivating our personal practices on retreat, we aim to continuously build on a culture of responsible travel.


Our Commitments


Commitments to sustainability in our company, minimizing our footprint through our travels, supporting carpooling, limited paper trail, seek partnerships in alignment with positive impact, support community of healers and practitioners involved in building consciousness, organic local ingredients, etc…

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Mindful Travel


How can we foster responsible travel practices together?

  • Transportation: Know your airlines; several airlines have started fuel conservation initiatives. Consider minimizing waste while traveling by bringing your own food (yum!) and your own reusable cup. And of course, ride share whenever possible.
  • Feel informed: Read up on where you are going (we’ll help you out!).
  • Protect the ecosystem: Be aware of water consumption. Leave no trace – take care of trash and aim to leave a space as your found it. Use natural products to protect local ecology and water systems.
  • Support the local economy: Connect with local projects & donate to local organizations.
  • Live your yoga: Take your practice off the mat with you and enjoy the sweetness of traveling mindfully.