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Survey Says Travel Is the Number One Mood Booster

July 21, 2016


Want to turn that frown upside down? Book a vacation, yoga retreat or go backpacking.

According to’s “Traveler’s Sweet Spot” survey on traveling, more than half of respondents said that traveling improves their attitude more than exercise or shopping.

In its survey of 1,005 U.S. adults, Wakefield Research (on behalf of the travel site), also looked at what type of trips were the biggest mood boosters. Thirty-eight percent of men and 34 percent of women said romantic getaways were the best vacations, while the next best mood-boosting trips were family escapes and retreats with good friends.

The survey also revealed that short getaways are just as effective as long trips, in fact, four out of five Americans would rather take multiple, short getaways than one long vacation. In addition, 45 percent would like to take three to four trips this year, while about 10 percent would like to take seven or more trips in 2016.

“Research tells us that 44 percent of Americans frequently regret not being able to go on more trips, and the majority are not booking these trips due to travel costs,” said Brigit Zimmerman, senior vice president of Air and Vacation Packages for

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Photo: Moyan Brenn

Living every single day for the mat, Sara is a yoga teacher, a published yoga writer and storyteller, an innovative yoga marketer, a YOGANONYMOUS editor, and a dedicated yoga student.

Sara strives to live from the connection of her head and her heart and encourages her students and clients to do the same by motivating them to step into their full powerful purpose through the transformational magic of yoga.

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