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Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat FAQ & Itinerary
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The Sri Lanka Program

On this epic yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka we’ve planned a beautiful flow for you designed to embrace and explore the rich culture and land of Sri Lanka, balanced with the quiet and rejuvenation of a healing retreat center tucked away on the side of a lake surrounded by nature. 

Each day of the retreat is designed around a theme to offer you the most healing and rich experience that a week as a whole can offer and so that each day is a delicious experience in it’s own right. Each day we will learn about and integrate a different element, a different energetic experience and a different sensory experience. Our teacher will tie this theme into the movement classes, the meals, conversations and our explorations, embracing true embodiment of Ayurveda.

We have included a visit to a Tea Plantation, a hike in knuckles mountain, visit to Sigiriya Rock, an Elphant Safari, an Ayurveda cooking class and have left plenty of time for you to simply enjoy the beauty of our lake retreat, to have a one-on-one with our teacher, receive bodywork or to go on your own adventure to visit an elephant sanctuary, hike or do something you’ve been dreaming of doing in Sri Lanka.

This Trip is Ideal for:

This yoga retreat in Sri Lanka is a trip for all experience levels! Whether you’re a beginner yogi, experienced yogi or a beginner traveler or you’ve been around the world, you’ll have a beautiful and profound experience in the teardrop of India.


itinerary subject to change

Day 1 – March 15th  — ARRIVE
5pm – Welcome ​Practice​
7pm – Arrival Dinner​ ​

Day 2 – March 16th – EARTH
Ground: Root to Rise​ 
Morning Practice
Ayurveda Workshop & Cooking class
​Optional: 1​-on-1 Ayurvedic consultations
​Evening Practice

Day 3 – March 17th – Fire 
Explore: The Light of Curiosity and Wonder
Morning Practice
​Knuckles Mountain Hike & Tea Plantation Visit

Day 4 – March 18th – FIRE
Nourish: Rasa, the Essence of Life​
Morning Practice
​Evening Practice

Day 5 – March 19th– AIR​
Experience: Senses, the Gateways to Life​
Morning Practice
Excursions: Sigiriya Rock & Minneriya Reserve
​Evening Practice

Day 6 – March 20th – ETHER
Integrate: Creating space, moving inward
Morning Practice
​Optional: ​1​-​on​-​1​ Ayurvedic consultation with 
​Optional Excursions: ​Kayaking​, hiking ​
​Time to rest & reflect​
Evening Practice & Closing Circle

Day 7 – March 21st – RETURN



Where is this retreat and how do/when do I get there?

We love this part of Sri Lanka, not just for its natural beauty but, equally, for the variety of rich and warm cultures it plays host to. Rukgala sits wonderfully close to lesser-known temples, lush green tea estates, the untouched mountains of The Knuckles and secluded villages that dot the shores of the Victoria Lake.

These surrounds make for a wonderfully mixed, and, dare we say it, authentically Sri Lankan experience during your time with us. We’d love to take you catamaran-fishing on the lake; send you off hiking to the caves of the Bambaragala Temple; and set you en route to plunge under waterfalls on tea estates in the foothills of the Knuckles.

ARRIVAL: We will be including group transfers from Colombo at 12pm on March 15th. If you arrive after that timeframe you will be responsible for your own travel however we can help set it up for you and there may be other guests in the same boat (or plane).  It’s about a 4 hour drive from the airport to the retreat center.

If you’re more adventurous or coming early, you can also take the train to Kandy and we can set up a pick up for you from there!

DEPARTURE: We highly recommend scheduling a flight that departs after 5pm from Colombo or staying the night there so that you can join our group transportation on the 21st. Many people will be traveling onward, but we plan to schedule a group transfer around 9am-11am depending on the group’s flights.

We highly suggest traveling before or after this trip to take advantage of the long long journey and are happy to help with suggestions! We definitely recommend arriving to Colombo at least a day or two early to adjust from the jet lag but know that many of you will be arriving on the 15th so we’ll take care of you!

What will the retreat be like?

What is included in this Colombia yoga retreat?


6 nights accommodation at Sri Lanka
3 Delicious Meals Daily
All yoga & Movement classes  (1-2 daily)
Visit to the Tea Plantation & Hike in Knuckles mountain
Safari to National Park and viewing of Sigiriya Rock
Optional Hiking, Kayaking (included)
Optional Cooking Class
Optional Workshop with Lisa
Optional One on One Consultation with Lisa
Yogascapes support staff

What is not included?

Airfare to Sri Lanka not included, transfers within the country are only included during stated transfer times.

What level yoga will there be and how often?

Yoga classes will be 1-2 times daily and all levels.  Our teachers are amazing at creating classes that are both suitable for beginners and challenging for the more experienced! See above to get an idea of what Lisa will be offering on this retreat.

How much free time will we have? 

YOGASCAPES yoga retreats honor giving participants plenty of free time to explore on their own or relax back at the retreat.  We pride ourselves on putting together an itinerary that allows you to dive deep into the sense of place and also dive deep into your well being and relaxation.  There will be two full days where we

How long is the drive from Colombo? 
Depending on time of day traffic-wise, around 4 hours. Train to Kandy also a scenic option.

Can you swim in the lake?
Yes – no crocodiles(!) and huge and beautiful!
Where’s the nearest ATM? 
A village called Digana, around 10 minutes away

How can we pay for activities? 
You can pay with credit card (3% surcharge), otherwise you can also pay at the property in cash (USD or LKR) or we have a card machine.
What do you suggest for tips? 
Tips for the local staff would be received gratefully, we have a ‘tips box’ and anything put in there is a kind bonus.
What is the weather like in March?
In March we have humid sunny weather, expect lots of sun, but in our tropical climate, also the occasional downpour!
Are there dogs or animals on the property? 
There are a couple of local dogs which have befriended us despite dissuasion, but are chased from the house and rarely seen here, mostly only staying by the lake. There is an occasional cat and sometimes some monkeys!
Is there wifi? 
Yes there is wifi in the main house areas, reaching into two of the main house rooms.
Is there air conditioning? 
Yes 7 out of 10 rooms currently have air conditioning at time of writing
Where is the nearest hospital? 
The nearest main hospital is in Kandy, around a 40 minute drive from Rukgala.

Can you drink the tap water?

Please do NOT drink tap water.

What if I have a food allergy or do not like certain foods?

Please let us know via email about your food allergies and preferences upon booking and securing your reservation.

When are final payments due?

Final balances are due 60 days before the departure date of the trip. If final payments are not received by 60 days prior to departure, YOGASCAPES reserves the right to cancel your reservation and accept new reservations for your space. If you do not think you can pay in time please contact us via email.

How do I prepare for my yoga retreat in Sri Lanka?

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