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The Spirit of Yellowstone with Molly Jo

July 9, 2018

yellowstone yoga retreat

We are alive at a time of great change; a time of great struggle, and immense opportunity.  Humanity is faced with many challenges, and we possess within ourselves and within our communities unfathomable abilities suited to steward in a time of tremendous happiness, health and harmony for all of life. 

I first came to Yellowstone years ago during a time of immense heartache and struggle.  Homeless, jobless and terrified in the face of the unknowns of my future, I found refuge in a place of staggering majesty.


Along the edge of clear flowing waters and boiling rivers, upon grounds alive with thermophiles and seismic energy, against the epic backdrop of Big Skies and Ponderosa Pine covered mountains, breathing in the sweetest air I remembered the simple and lasting joys of this life.  Among the company of Bison, Great Grey Owl, Elk and Wolf, I remembered the limitless potential inherent in myself, and I felt more AWAKE and more alive than ever.

Those who know and love Yellowstone are forever changed; filled with resolve, strength and a deep and lasting reverence for our Earthly existence.


Our retreat to Yellowstone National Park will be unforgettable and immensely powerful. Within the heart of the country’s wildest lands, we will reconnect to our inner wild.  We’ll breathe and move mindfully to nourish and honor our bodies, and find a sense of harmony among the beauty of Yellowstone’s incomparable splendor. Vinyasa and Meditation along the mighty Madison River where Bald Eagles soar will ground and inspire us before we set off on daily adventures in the park. We will celebrate together in ceremony with tea and song, lifting our voices and our spirits in gratitude to the magnificent night sky and the waxing Moon. Together, we’ll reignite our inalienable rights as citizens of this wonderful world to live a life of vibrance, joy and compassion for all.

Learn more about my story, my background in Plant Medicine, Ecology, Yoga and Mindfulness and how I fuse these empowering practices together to create Adventures in Nourishment.

I am deeply honored to share in this extraordinary journey with you.

With gratitude,

Molly Jo