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The Spirit & Magic of Joshua Tree

March 30, 2019

joshua tree

​As the sun sets on the western horizon, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. 

The rays are warm on my skin, and the air, heavy with the rich smell of the Desert in bloom, floods and fills me from nose to soul.

Ravens circle the thermal waves on the wind; Cactus Wrens echo their songs across the valley; a Roadrunner darts beneath a Cholla Cactus.  

Among old and new friends, I humbly bow and give thanks for the teachings enfolded in the power of this mysterious, wondrous place, and the resilient beings who call it home.

In their company, I feel all at once the fragility of my own existence, coupled with the immense possibility and promise of each precious moment.

Life in Joshua Tree, in the Mojave is not easy; it asks of us our awareness, our fortitude and our faith.

 I am in awe of the way the Desert invites us to be our most authentic and vulnerable selves; when we offer the Land our courage and our best intentions, we are answered with growth beyond our imaginations, and with sights and sounds of such epic beauty the soul is set ablaze in healing, catalyzing fire.

As the heat of the day descends, giving way to the cool night air, I offer my gratitude and reverence for the chance to bear witness to our Earth in all her splendor — to stand beneath the great Joshua Trees awash in the undeniable magnificence of this earthly existence — the miracle it is to live and breathe and move.

joshua tree

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