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Sparking Your Creative Spirit

March 4, 2017

lightning in a bottle festival

Spring is a time of blossoming, expression and play. Which is one reason we’re so excited to head to Lightning in a Bottle Festival this year to fill up our creative cups with amazing music and art! Here are some highlights not to miss:

Grand Artique’s Frontierville

A LIB classic, The Grand Artique is a must-include for your festival experience. This immersive stage pulls you into a playful scene with a gypsy encampment, General Store and hotel with a rockin’ music line up. Artists playing at the Grand Artique including The Beats Antique Lightning Orchestra, The California Honeydrops, Afrolicious and more!

Grandma’s House

Created by Tigre Bailando, Grandma’s House is mystical house that lures you in with enchantment, the smell of sage and inviting music. Materials used to create the space pull from the elements – bamboo, wood, fabric, paper, bones, candles, mulch, stones, water, flowers, paint, assorted objects and light. Of course you can find Grandma in the house, ready to share stories and share space; a magical space to ground out of the sun.

GrandmasHouse_lightning in a bottle

Jive Joint

A favorite installation of ours, the Jive Joint offers quirky performance art, workshops, live music and more. Make sure to stop by for some of their acts and enjoy the brilliant playfulness!

jive joint

Photography by Aaran Alps

Fotia by Clay McCabe

Clay integrates his fabrication and carpentry building to bring to life magical creates such as larger than life “Fotia” above. Check out the Big Art Installation line up here.

Fotia by Clay McCabe

Om Shan Tea

Every year we make sure to spend time at Om Shan Tea – a welcoming, cozy tea house providing a safe space that is drug and alcohol free for relaxing, conversation and live music. The intimate setting for performances creates a truly special opportunity to enjoy incredible artists up close.

Each of these artistic spaces and experiences evoke our own creativity in a different way. Inspiration and playfulness are abundant at LIB and we look forward to seeing you there.