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Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, AND Equinox: What You Need to Know

March 20, 2015

solar eclipse

Ok next time, we will have to host a retreat that follows the Solar eclipse. Until then, here are some short and sweet snapshots of what you need to know:

Each of these individual moments alone are significant, and this Friday morning March 20th, they come together to mark a powerful moment of alignment and transition. With the new moon and solar eclipse in Pisces, this is a potent time for creative expression and releasing inhibitions. This process can come along with it’s fair share of deep emotions and dynamic swings of mood. As some of the most powerful astrological moments of the year line up, the potential for manifestation and transformation is not to be gone unrecognized.

Solar Eclipse:

The total Solar eclipse will be visible from the UK and farther North, but a partial eclipse will be visible from other regions in Europe. It is dangerous to look directly at the event, so watch carefully! For all other excited yogis in the world, you can stream it live here starting at 1:30 am PDT and peaking at 2:30 am PDT.


When the new or full moon occurs as the Moon is closest to the Earth in it’s elliptical orbit, making it appear larger and…really awesome.

Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox marks the first day of Spring of 2015, and the beginning of blossoming after the hibernation of winter. It is a time of great rebirth and revitalization. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse our routines or stale energy and soak up longer days outside. We enter a season of vitality, growth, and abundance. In Ayurveda, springtime moves from Kapha to Pitta energies as the Earth reawakens and our bodies follow suit.

Here are 10 more facts you might want to know about these and guess what #10 is… There’s a brief lunar eclipse in just 2 weeks!