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Slow Down to Build Strength with Amber Campion

December 18, 2014

amber campion

We LOVE Amber Campion and LOVE any chance we get to practice with this yogi goddess! If you don’t have the chance to practice with Amber regularly, this is a perfect way to bring her teachings into your own home! Just set aside 15 minutes for this grounding flow, turn off your cell phone, and enjoy! To dive deeper into a transformational practice with Amber, join YOGASCAPES and Amber on an epic retreat in Morocco June 2015.

“Move slow, like you are under water” is something I have been teaching and practicing for years now. This video is a short and powerful, a great way to start your day or take a break from your day to build up strength, focus, and presence. Slowing your pace down in your practice will help to build both inner strength (presence/mindfulness) and outer strength.

It also feels incredible to move at this pace…like a slow dance with your breath.

Stay tuned for more videos like this!

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Amber Campion

Amber Campion has a decade of experience in the personal development industry. She is an Empowered Embodiment Life Coach & Yoga Instructor and the founder of Yogaeira®: Dynamic Release Method. This unique yoga method blends the richness of yoga, martial arts, bodywork, energy work, practical psychology and neuroscience packed into one radiantly dynamic practice.