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The Self Care of Travel

September 20, 2018

Self care is at the center of all spiritual practices. To live fully in unity consciousness, or “yoga,” it is vital that we love ourselves fully. During transitional periods in life, I have found it to be extra important to bring in more self care rituals so that I can relax and trust the process of life unfolding. To be able to show up fully to each moment, I have my morning sadhana that I make a priority every day. As well, I take the time I need to recharge my batteries, and give myself external experiences such as taking a yoga class, a massage, or a healing session, to realign myself.

Every morning I wake up and meditate for 20 minutes, then I offer puja, in which I chant sanskrit mantras I learned in India and make an offering to the divine, then I practice breathwork and kriyas, yoga asana, and reiki as a final meditation. As a highly sensitive person, I have found that this practice keeps me grounded and present throughout the day. After my morning sadhana, I have breakfast, journal and start my day. I have made it a priority to wake up 1-3 hours earlier than any engagements I have in the morning to make sure that I can honor my practice. As well, because I teach these practices, I have found it to be vital to understand them in depth, which comes through daily practice.

Self care is not only a daily routine, self care is about checking in with my needs and honoring myself day to day. I notice that as much as I love to socialize, I need a lot of personal down time to recharge my batteries. When my calendar gets overfilled with social engagements, I can hit a point where I need to slow down and give space for flow, which sometimes means cancelling engagements to spend time with myself. This personal time could be painting, reading, spending time in nature, or just giving myself space to be and go with my day.

Living in Bali gives me a lot of options as far as self care goes. The island of the Gods is known for its healers and artists, especially in Ubud. This means that I have the opportunity to get massages, work with Balinese and expat healers, and go to breathwork, yoga, and qi gong classes on the regular. This is a beautiful thing about Bali, however, these alternative healing opportunities are becoming more available worldwide. In most major cities you can find yoga classes, acupressure masseuses, herbalists, and the like. As well, there are several opportunities for people to search online for yoga videos, and go to their local spa for a massage. The most empowering thing about taking a yoga retreat or private yoga sessions, which are available both in person and on skype, is that you can develop your own personal practice, designed for your body type, and develop the awareness to adjust your body into the correct alignment. Having a strong practice is about having the awareness to feel when you are in alignment or not. “Yoga,” which translates to “union” in sanskrit, is the practice of living in unity within ourselves, which comes from an expanded sense of awareness, rather than a strong physical asana practice.

For opportunities to honor self care anywhere in the world, there is transformational life coaching, private yoga classes, yoga retreats, and massage, as well as taking the time to honor your needs daily. Nourishing your body with what it craves, offering solace to your soul through creative means, and giving space to ease your mind are all amazing forms of self care. Most importantly, doing what your intuition is asking you to do is the highest form of self care, because it comes from the power within. At the root of all of my rituals, I practice them because my heart truly asks me to, and when it asks me to do something else, I honor that as well.