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Retreats Yourself Holiday Flash Sale

December 18, 2015

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a yoga retreat!

This year has been the most exciting year in the history of our YOGASCAPES community. To thank you all for an epic 2015 (and to get ready for an even better 2016), we’re offering our community an exclusive offer: take $100 off the price of any international escape in 2016 if you book a retreat before midnight December 31st. Better yet — act now and receive a special thank you travel gift-pack full of some of our favorite brands and products.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and give yourself (or a friend) the mega-(re)treat of a lifetime and come join us in Tulum, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Peru, Morocco, Iceland, Bali and all points in-between all year long.

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Cocoloco Lip Balm: Nourish your lips with this vitamin and mineral infused all organic lip balm! You will never find chemicals, synthetic materials, or petroleum in ANY of our products! This lip balm is intensely moisturizing, 100% natural and has many healing and hydrating properties. The raw, organic, nutrient rich, and high quality products will leave your lips not only moisturized, but nourished and silky smooth!


Rosewater Ghee: The Wellness By Helen 100x Washed Rosewater Ghee cream is an excellent anti-aging complex that heals the complexion, softens scars, combats sun spots, treats acne & nourishes wrinkles. It is the perfect night time moisturizing cream to revitalize & rejuvenate the skin, lightly  enhanced by the graceful scent of Rosewater that cools & refreshes your layers.

ghee wellness by helen

Auromere Sandalwood Incense: This incense has been treasured since antiquity for its exquisite fragrance and purifying properties. In Ayurveda, it is used to cool the nervous system, ease anxiety and has the potent attribute of purifying the vital being (life-force) and atmosphere.


Bar Shop Spiritual Body Oil: The Bar Shop’s luxurious body oil’s are moisturizing without leaving you feeling greasy. While being a fabulous body oil it is also great for your face, scalp and hair.It can be used as a luxurious massage oil, cuticle treatment and feet moisturizer. Available in Lavender, Lemongrass, Spiritual blend infused with sage, frankincense, orange, & rosemary, and Relaxation blend infused with clary sage, jasmine, marjoram, & ylang ylang .  Each bottle contains 4 oz of oils.

Yogi Card

buddhibox yoga card

and… a yummy yogi surprise!

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