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5 Transformative Gatherings & Retreats for Women

June 16, 2015

I’m not a woman, but these 5 gatherings & retreats for women make me wish I were.  The more I see women connecting with other women, sharing in ritual, sharing in tradition, the more I know how important it is for all of us.  Women coming together is not only essential for the growth of the individual but for healing the earth for generations to come.  Spread the love by joining one of these retreats and sharing this post!

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retreats for women
Spirit Weavers

Spirit Weavers is a five day celebration of cultures past which represented basic human skills to ensure the survival of the body and the soul. Fermenting foods, weaving and dying fabrics, creating ceremony, sharing tea, and making plant medicines- singing songs, together as a community- these were the common knowledge ways and  part of the simple pleasures of a life lived in balance and in harmony with nature. Let us gather together as Women and share our skills in remembrance of the beauty path and an honoring of our Ancestors.

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High Sierras Women’s Awakening Retreat 

Welcome to the Awaken the Goddess Retreat for Women: Evoke, Empower, Embody! We are so excited that you are interested in coming with us on this journey at Sierra Hot Springs! It’s going to be an amazing experience that will change your life forever.

This retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to the heart of your truth with like-minded sisters, returning to the power and grace that is innately you – the feminine.

This retreat will be an intimate and powerful process and a lot of fun too!

On this beautiful fall retreat, Amber & Tawny will share years of study and experience to bring you life renewing tools through cultivating a deeper connection with the power of the feminine. This sisterhood gathering will be like no other retreat experience. Powerful yoga, grounding energy and body work, transformational life coaching, amazing hot springs, sisterhood circles, amazing and healthy food are just a few things you will dive into on this retreat. Transform your life NOW!

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women's retreatA Magnetic Goddess Immersion

You deserve all the love, success, and abundance you desire.

Join me for a powerful immersion into your divine feminine power ~ the Power of Goddess Wisdom.

This immersion retreat is for:

– Lovers of both movement and yoga
– Yoginis seeking an evolution of their asana practice
– Yoga and Movements Arts facilitators who want to juice up their classes and themselves

What to expect from this immersion:

– Discover deeper clarity on your Dharmic path (your life’s purpose)
– Uncover and release blocks to have that next level
– Breakthrough in your career, relationship, life journey.
– Learn the Art of Sacred Living- ritual, ceremony, moon cycles, invoking the Goddess
– Invoke the Power of the Goddess Within- learn about the ~ Hindu Tantric Goddesses and discover how to powerfully tap into each of their unique gifts through dance, yoga, mantra, and intention
– Earn 20 hours of Yoga Alliance Credit towards Sofiah’s 100 hour Goddess Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Certificate
– Make new friends and engage in the active sisterhood of women living their Frequency of YES

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 goddess retreats

Wild Sacred Women

Are you yearning to Unleash more of your Magnificence, Radiance, Feminine Heart, Sensuality, and Wild Woman?

Perhaps this desire comes as a little whisper or maybe it’s more of an ache in your heart.
Maybe you are already in the waters of your Remembrance and wish to go deeper as you embody more of your truest Self.

Wherever you are on your path, we Invite you to follow the call of your inner Wise Woman and Unleash yourself from the Inside out.

The Journey of your Unfoldment asks you to release your:

– Wounds that are old and scarred yet still seem to chain you.
– Beliefs that keep you small and invisible.
– Conditioning that reminds you to diminish your light.

From this place of inner healing and reflection, Unleash your Sacred Medicine into the world:

– Share your heart in your home, community, and globally
– Be seen and revel in your Feminine Power
– Exude your Sensuality from a place of safety and confidence
– Dance in your pleasure.
– Speak your truth and use your voice.

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retreats for women

The Heartbeat Retreat

Journey into the heartbeat of the earth, through our 4-day women’s retreats on Orcas Island, Washington. Nestled in the ancient cedar forest, we gather in a Circle of Creation to make our own drums, coming home to the rhythm of our heartbeat. Together we honor the spirit of deer and red cedar tree, offering our gratitude to the bountiful earth for bringing our drums to life. Each participant will paint her own drum frame, prepare her own hide, and step through the portal of creation to awaken the power of song within.

Through our retreats, we guide each woman on a journey of rhythm and song, beginning with our offering to the spirit of deer and red cedar tree, the two earth-materials that are used to make our drums. Together we paint, weave, and create our drums in Circle, as we share songs and stories, remembering our ancient ways. In the evenings, we gather around the fire to weave our voices, inviting and igniting the power of song within. Each morning, we rise to the grounding ceremony of tea, sharing our intentions for the day ahead. On our final night, we bring our drums to life, connecting the rhythm of your drum to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

We are honored to guide and facilitate women’s retreats at our land sanctuary on Orcas Island, WA. Through our retreats, we are devoted to holding sacred space where women are deeply nourished, celebrated, and honored for who they are, where beauty and joy have no limits. We sleep under the starry sky, provide organic meals from the garden, swim in the pond, sing in the sauna, and dance under the moonlight.

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Ben Crosky

Featured image of The Heartbeat Retreat by Renata Chebel