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Retreat Leader Kimber Simpkins on Body Love, Her Greatest Teacher & More

June 15, 2016


Body love, self-exploration, and empowerment are a few of YOGASCAPES’ strongest values, so we’re always looking to make each retreat participant feel more empowered, alive, and accepted post-retreat than she did pre-retreat.

In particular, we decided to hold our Love Your Body Yoga Retreat, designed to empower women to love and accept themselves to further our message.

For this retreat, we chose Kimber Simpkins, a body-image expert, author, and yoga teacher who we knew would be the perfect fit.

Check out our interview with Kimber:

We are so stoked to have you leading our upcoming Love Your Body Yoga Retreat at The Lotus Feed. Why are you excited to be leading this retreat?

It’s tremendously satisfying to see how dramatically women can shift in how they feel about their bodies in the course of just one weekend. I’m always so impressed and humbled by the deep authenticity our students bring to the conversations and connections that the “Love Your Body” work stimulates.

 Of course, this retreat is centered around body love and creating a positive relationship to a person’s body and herself. How do you intend to do this? Can you tell us a little bit about what you have planned for this retreat?

To put it briefly: SO. MUCH. FUN. I’ve got awesome tools, exercises, discussions, yoga sequences, stories, and so much more to open your heart to yourself in ways you never imagined possible.

Can you tell us a bit about your story? Why did you decide to write your body “Full: how one woman found yoga, eased her inner hunger, and started loving herself?”

Early on as a yoga teacher I realized I didn’t love my body the way I wanted my students to love their bodies. If I was going to go around telling other women to treat themselves with kindness, I knew I had to learn to do it for this strong, fragile, abused body I was living in. Full is the journey of how I moved from secret body hating to public body loving.

You just had a book come out called “52 Ways to Love Your Body.” Can you tell us a few of your favorites?

It’s full of awesome tools…the same ones I used to learn to treat my body with more kindness. One of the chapters is all about pleasure, and how we can learn to trust ourselves more by understanding that pleasure is how the body tells us it is getting something good that it needs. If we focus on our enjoyment of the taste and smell of what we’re eating, our pleasure in it declines pretty quickly, and we’ll stop eating when it’s no longer enjoyable. Being able to trust and listen to your body’s pleasure is a radical rewriting of our usual relationship to pleasure.

What can your students expect from your classes on retreat?

For the retreat, students can expect gentle, connecting yoga sessions that honor where you and your body are together and that are integrated with our discussions and contemplations about self-kindness and compassion.

Who are your greatest teachers (both yoga and otherwise)?

 Pema Chodron is my main teacher…I’ve attended her retreats, listened to her CDs, and read her books since the very beginning. I can credit her for most, if not all, of my personal transformation. Don’t be surprised to hear some “Pema-isms” occasionally leaving my lips!

What’s your number one self-care tip for the season?

Relate deeply to water…drink it, rest in it, play in it, let it heal your body and heart.

What quote inspires you the most?

“People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing you are the beholder.” — Salma Heyek

Join Kimber Simpkins on our Love Your Body Yoga Retreat this July 1–3. Book now!

Living every single day for the mat, Sara is a yoga teacher, a published yoga writer and storyteller, an innovative yoga marketer, a YOGANONYMOUS and YOGASCAPES editor, and a dedicated yoga student.

Sara strives to live from the connection of her head and her heart and encourages her students and clients to do the same by motivating them to step into their full powerful purpose through the transformational magic of yoga.

When not on the mat, you can find this earth sign hiking up a mountain in the beautiful Boulder, Colo., where she’s based or shredding down a ski hill.