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Community & Authentic Self-Expression in Joshua Tree

July 3, 2018

joshua tree yoga retreat

Life on and off our mats is a daily practice of accepting ourselves, our community and coming to a more authentic state of self-expression. For many of us, yoga is one of the main spaces for this community & self-actualization. Now we’ve found another space – Joshua Tree Music Festival – that allows us to step into a safe space of radical expression.

Joshua Tree Music Festival feels like a community gathering in music and love more than a festival production. It’s a place that embodies the essence of what it means to be your most authentic self to then share with others through shared experiences, trust and support.

The trust of a community living room 

At a yoga retreat, you may leave out your mat and bags for the afternoon break, trusting they will be there when you return. At JTMF, the land is a community living room, scattered with hundreds of camp chairs and blankets. Attendees respectfully share space with their neighbors, offering a nearby chair for a conversation or a patch of blanket under some shade. The trust and invitation a new friend offers in you becomes a catalyst for you to continue the community karma of sharing vibrations.

The shared experience of moving as a unit

One of the energizing aspects of a yoga class is the strength and joy of moving with community. With only a few thousand attendees, JTMF feels like it moves as a single unit, in jaunts of expressive dance and quiet camp-chair conversations. Here you can spend an afternoon with your community jamming to tribal electronic beats, lounging by the creek while hearing the children prepare for their art parade, or learning how to protect the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

joshua tree music festival

Capture by Maria Stangl

The support of a sit-down hello

This community operates on greetings that offer space for authentic self-expression. At JTMF you can expect a deep interest in human connection. When you sit down to listen to the afternoon drum circle, you can expect your neighbor to ask you something like ‘what’s been the best part of your day so far?’ or ‘I’m so excited to be here, do you want to join us in this circle?’ These greetings and sit-down hellos inspire a supportive space for you truest self-expression.

We’re excited for the Fall edition of JTMF in October, and hope to see you in a YOGASCAPES community of authentic self-expression between now and then!