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Pull a Card to Inspire Your Day & Transform Your Self

January 22, 2016

There is immense power in our words. What we think and speak shapes how we feel inside and how we see the world around us.

We all know what it’s like to get pulled into the quicksand of our thoughts and we’ve all had moments when negative thinking gets the better of us. Going down this rabbit hole can have a significant effect on our lives, especially if it becomes a common pattern.

When you’re feeling out of touch with your best self, take a pause and honestly glance at how you’ve been speaking to yourself. When it comes to how we shape our inner dialogue, it’s important that we build awareness and fine-tune our ability to choose a healthier pathway in as many moments as possible. Little by little things will shift and we can begin to reshape our mindset in any situation.

Like most things, this takes practice.

Just like yoga and meditation, mindfulness around our thoughts and words can elevate our awareness and our presence. Whenever you notice yourself slipping into negative thought forms, you can use the power of mantras and affirmations to instantly uplift your vibration and perspective.

The Moon Deck is a dream come true creation: an inspiring oracle that provides a guide for exactly this type of practice. Complete with 44 illustrated cards carrying potent mantras, plus an accompanying guidebook with deeper wisdom and suggested rituals, the set comes housed in a hand-crafted wood box and ready to start transforming your habits. Our offering is meant to help you develop a deeper connection to your intuition, your self-care practices, and the loving spiritual guidance that is available to each of us.

By consistently picking a daily card, putting the suggested rituals into action, or giving yourself a full reading similar to tarot, this deck will uplift and inspire – helping you to reshape mental chatter into intentional, positive affirmations. This Moon Deck will also help you create an accessible daily practice for self-love while helping you to feel deeply connected to your potential and purpose.

Please support this team of 3 moon sisters from Brooklyn, NY – we are rounding up a bulk of pre-ordered Moon Decks this month in order to get them into your hands sustainably by the spring! Check out the link to learn more and be in touch with any questions!

Born in LA and brewed in NYC, movement, holistic health and the arts have been at the forefront of Aarona's healing journey. Inspired by 20 plus years of yoga, 12 years as a yoga teacher and wellness advisor, a BFA in photography and mixed media arts, and a love of writing and world travel - she’s deeply inspired to share her growth and tools with others. In class she combines various yoga and meditation disciplines where she invites you to safely explore your edge and enliven the wisdom of your senses. On paper Aarona is dedicated to writing with real emotion and experience to inspire others with accessible tools and new perspectives - while also working to help dissolve the stigma around highly sensitive personality types. She is also the author and co-creator of ‘The Moon Deck’ (an intuitive oracle deck filled with inspired offerings to stoke the powers of intention and ritual), teaches public yoga classes, facilitates global adventure yoga retreats, leads empowering women’s workshops, mentors new yoga teachers, and offers private coaching. Find her at and