Yoga Retreat in Peru

Life as a Mystical Journey


Mischa Varmuza
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Annual yoga retreat in Peru 2017

We’ve created an adventure where the yoga, the travel, the people, the culture, the nature, the food, the history and the healing all come together to create a unique life-changing experience. This trip will be led by our local guides, amazing yoga teacher Mischa & be hosted at our favorite accommodations in Peru. It will be the ideal/safe environment for you to sink into the adventure, explore Peru and discover yourself.


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  • 7 Day multi-location journey
  • 1 night accommodation in Cusco at Illa Hotel
  • 3 nights accommodations at the amazing El Albergue
  • 2 nights accommodations at Willka Tikka in the Sacred Valley
  • 1-2 yoga classes daily with Mischa
  • Entrance fees to Ollantaytambo, Macchu Picchu, Salineras & Moray
  • Private local guides on all our excursions
  • Inspiring Traditional Farm Lunch
  • Visit to Machu Picchu + All Transportation
  • Delicious Peruvian Meals, some of the best food in the world!
  • Transportation during trip & back to airport/Cusco
  • Spa Treatments Available


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[email protected]


This yoga retreat & adventure in Peru will be full of magic and awe, lush clean air and nature, a sharpening of one’s trust and intuition, an awakening of one’s adventurous spirit, sacred land and unique heart-opening-mind-expanding experiences, a journey of our ancestors, a richness of culture and connection, an experience full of color and texture, a tonifying of both our physical and subtle body from all the land, yoga, hiking, nourishment, joy and community. The journey will be filled with sacred temples, mystical historic sites, inspiring stories, passion, nature, exceptional people, local food, market place art, and more.

We will work on all the chakras, yet especially strengthen and bring to life our solar plexus (3rd chakra) and heart chakra (4th chakra), which will prepare participants to return home with a super charged up connection to their purpose and creative drive. We will re-ignite our curiosity for life, commitment to self-love and to daily sitting/meditation. We will learn and respect the ways of the locals, and step out of our own limited box, which can be so positively life changing! There will be a lot of hiking, learning about history of the sacred lands, connecting to our breath as our ‘hook’ into presence.

Each day we will focus on a new intention that can be brought into our day/journey/adventure. They will be accessible themes that will help us connect to the land, connect to our interior, connect to others, and feel more whole. This trip will help to dissolve the illusion of difference or separateness and will light up our connection to the whole and to Oneness. Intuition, Gratitude, Magic, Nurture, Adventure, Oneness, Trust, Center, Balance, Creativity, Awareness, Earth, etc…

While on our journey our Peruvian Chefs will provide us with the majority of our delicious meals. There will be several options such as vegetarian, gluten free, etc and we can accommodate most dietary concerns.

This week-long retreat will be a perfect way to see the cultural and historical highlights of Peru’s Sacred Valley in a balanced way. We’ll hike, flow and dine our way through, beginning in the heart of Cusco to settle into the altitude and get a taste for the journey to come. We then explore the cascading terraces of the ruins in Pisaq and witness life deeply connected to Pachamama Mother Earth. With this seed of inspiration, we head to the towering mountaintops to immerse ourselves in the awe-inspiring setting of Macchu Piccu. Returning to our artist-run accommodations in the center of the Valley, we enjoy Peruvian cuisine, yoga and a special lunch on the farm, local shopping and more. Each experience we embrace along the way builds a story of deep connectedness and respect for nature. Our final home in Peru will be at a vibrant retreat center with chakra gardens, warm hospitality and a full spa menu.

Arrivals: Please fly into Cusco and meet at Illa Hotel (not El Balcon!) on the morning/afternoon of the 8th. Transfers to the Hotel are not included so we suggest you take a taxi to the hotel. The exact start time is flexible since everyone is arriving that day. Please share your flight details here so we can we aware of your arrival time and any delays. The retreat starts with dinner at 7pm at Cicciolina.
The Hotel El Balcon address is: Calle Carmen Alto 166, Cusco 08000, Peru

Departures: Transfers back to the airport or central locations in Cusco are included *before check out time of 10am*. Transfers after that are not included but can be arranged. We will take guests directly to the Cusco airport on the 14th and drop off anyone who is staying longer in central location or at another destination if it’s on the way. Flights out on the 14th should be after 12pm to allow plenty of transfer time.



Yoga forms the framework of Mischa’s life; bringing her strength, flexibility and discipline both on and off the mat whilst reminding her to stay present, open and compassionate.  It has taught her to find space between thoughts and actions and to see lightness in the dark moments, cementing both awareness and gratitude into her life which has transformed her perception of the world.  Mischa teaches a heartfelt practice with strong steady flow, creative sequencing and a deep focus on breath and  alignment.  Her classes also include a quieter restorative and yin element to restore and bring stillness. Her intention is to both challenge, strengthen and restore whilst holding a space for individuals to open, reflect and absorb.

Mischa draws her understanding from a number of styles and traditions. Her classes are woven with philosophy, myth and stories as well as including carefully curated soundtracks, mantra and ritual. She is inspired by the potential of the practice to transform, expand and heal and is committed to her own study and practice as the foundation of her teaching. Having been based in London teaching at some of the leading studios there, she is now a travelling yogini who spends her time between Asia and Europe.  Mischa’s teaching is passionate and knowledgeable, taking you on a journey of self inquiry and unfolding.


Mischa Varmuza


Yoga Teacher

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We highly recommend packing light. We will always have a landing place so you will not have to carry more than your day-pack while we are hiking. However, having just one small to medium sized roller bag or duffel is highly recommended for the most ease and grace throughout the journey.

Our accommodations upon arrival at Illa Hotel. From there, we will travel to the beautiful sister hotel, El Albergue. It the perfect location to stay for visiting Machu Picchu and exploring the Scared Valley. It is directly on the train station platform and features an organic farm, restaurant and cafe.


Throughout the week, we will savor daily yoga with Mischa and as well as visits to the anvient ruins of Sacsaywaman and Ollantaytambo, plus natural hot springs and of course Macchu Picchu.

In the Sacred Valley, our final home will be at Willka T’ika, the original premier Luxury Wellness Retreat of Peru’s Sacred Valley. Willka T’ika is an exquisite eco-friendly sanctuary for rejuvenation, relaxation and for cultivating optimal well-being. Willka T’ika’s peaceful energy and mystical surroundings are sure to inspire, refresh and revitalize, offering a wonderful connection to Mother Nature, revered by the Quechua as Pachamama. Located in one of the most energetically charged places on earth, Willka T’ika prides itself on serving the spiritual and cultural needs of all guests seeking a genuine mind, body, spirit experience. Nearby ancient Inkan ruins, ceremonial sites, temples and an abundance of cultural activities beckon.

If you are attending on your own and select double occupancy, separate beds, we will pair you up with an awesome roommate.



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Trip Includes
  • • 1 nights accommodations in the city of Cusco (Illa Hotel)
  • • 3 nights accommodations at El Albergue in Ollantaytambo
  • • 2 nights accommodations in Urumbamba, Sacred Valley
  • • 1-2 yoga classes daily with Mischa
  • • Entrance fees to Machu Picchu, Sacsaywaman, Ollantaytambo
  • • Train ticket from Aquas Calientes back to Ollantaytambo
  • • Most meals except for a few while traveling
  • • Local Trip Leader + YOGASCAPES Guide
Early Bird
Apr 22 - Aug 8 / 2017
  • Deluxe Single Occupancy - Queen Bed
    $4100 / person
  • Single
    $3900 / person
    One person in a private room.
  • Deluxe Shared Room Separate Beds
    $3650 / person
  • Shared Room Couples
    $3500 / person
    Room with one full size bed for a couple
  • Shared Room Separate Beds
    $3300 / person
    Double Room w/ with two separate twin beds.
  • Triple Room
    $3150 / person
Normal Price
Normal Price
  • Deluxe Single Occupancy - Queen Bed
    $4200 / person
  • Single
    $4000 / person
    One person in a private room.
  • Deluxe Shared Room Separate Beds
    $3750 / person
  • Shared Room Couples
    $3600 / person
    Room with one full size bed for a couple
  • Shared Room Separate Beds
    $3400 / person
    Double Room w/ with two separate twin beds.
  • Triple Room
    $3250 / person

NOTE:Not Included: International Flight in and out of Cusco, Peru, Personal healing sessions or spa treatments, Several meals and snacks while we are on the road (suggestions will be given), Tips for our service staff ***(please budget an extra $100 US Dollars that will be collected & shared with the over 30 people who will be assisting us during the adventure)***, Extra bottled water (we will provide some), Travel Insurance. We HIGHLY recommend that you purchase travel insurance for this journey!, This Peruvian adventure in not available to children due to the fast pace of our journey. All participants must be 21 years of older. (Or 15 and over if coming with a family member)

Payment Information

We encourage those that can’t afford the full price option to sign up early for the lowest price. We strive to maintain a balance between offering our programs to the widest range of participants and running a sustainable and thriving company so that we can continue to create and share our experiences with you. Please inquire about payment plans if you need help spreading out payments.  We can split up your payments however final payments are due at least 45 days prior to the start date of your retreat.



By reserving your space through placing your deposit with us, you are agreeing to the stated policies in our Agreement.  Please note:

If cancellation takes place more than 60 days prior to your departure date any payments made will be refunded minus your deposit. If cancellation takes place between 30-60 days prior to your departure, 50% of the trip price will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place less than 30 days prior to your departure date, 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.


YOGASCAPES reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of YOGASCAPES (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups)  we will offer a transfer to another trip or a full refund of your funds. We require all participants to purchase travel insurance and highly encourage them to purchase “cancel for any reason” to protect them against the rare chance of cancellation.


All prices are per/person and include a non-refundable deposit of $500-750 for all retreats. For all trips under $500 the non-refundable deposit is $250.