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October 27, 2015

As a “yoga brand” we feel like we are on the front line of exploring what it means to be a sustainable business, so one way that we can lead by example is to be transparent about how we operate. We have nothing to hide and on the contrary want to share with you what it takes to run a yoga retreat. We want to share what it takes to create an experience in which you hardly notice all the hard work that goes into it if it’s done well.  It’s our companies mission to help participants live a healthier more vibrant life by creating transformative experiences and we believe that part of fulfilling this mission is to lead by example by operating in the most authentic, transparent, value driven way possible.

We’ll be sharing business and personal practices with you in our “Transparency in Business, Transparency in Life” Series.

Some people see the prices of our retreats and are shocked that we don’t charge more, while others see the prices and wonder why they are so high.  We’d like to share a little bit about how we price our trips and where your money is being spent.  We believe in making retreats affordable, so we price in such a way that we can support our business in thriving while giving our customers amazing value.  Here are just some of the things your money is being spent on when you retreat with us:

Teacher Payment:

It’s hard for teachers to make money in this modern world.  One of our roles at yogascapes is to support teachers being able to offer their teachings to the world.

When teachers lead a retreat, they can actually lose money if they don’t get enough students.  Remember when teachers are away, they are missing out on their classes and private clients for the week which could mean a lot of money if you’re living in NYC or San Francisco

For many teachers retreats are the way that they can make enough money to pay the bills since yoga classes frankly just don’t cut it.

When you go on your next yoga retreat, remember, you are supporting your teacher in offering his or her teachings to the world.

Guide Costs/Payment:

On every retreat we provide a trip guide/facilitator.  This is what makes us most unique. Running a retreat is hard work, even if everything is planned to the t and by having a guide on retreat we allow the teachers to focus more on providing an incredible yoga experience to the participants and to connect one on one with participants rather than being stressed out with Logistics the whole time. Our guides are experienced an are an integral part of the operation of our company and the success of our experiences.


We strive to only work with partners that treat their employees incredible well and that treat the environment with respect.  We use amazing and professional tour operators that spare no cost on safety or quality.  We work with retreat centers that serve local, organic and thoughtful food and work with therapists that have gone through extensive training and have a lot of experience.  Sure, you can put together a similar program at less of a cost, but while our mission is to make yoga retreats as accessible as possible, we do not spare any expense on safety, quality or the intangible .

Internal Operations:

With a growing business we are challenged to grow our ability to operate in a seamless manner.  It’s our goal to provide the best experience possible for as many people as we can and that means hiring amazing people to handle all of the aspects of the business that keep us moving forward in a healthy way.  We try to keep our operations as lean as possible so that we can keep our retreat prices as low as we can.  Most of our employees are part time so that they can pursue their other passions like teaching yoga and also take the time to be guides on our retreat.  We have a small marketing team, a small operations team, a customer service team.  Dan heads up marketing and partnerships while Ben works full time on all aspects of the business.  We are a small business with all the benefits and all of the challenges that comes along with that and we’ve all chosen to be part of something we are passionate about while making it a sustainable way to invest our time.


Along with all of our other operational costs like paying for our website, marketing, newsletters, office rent, credit card service charges, business travel, customer service and sales programs and probably a lot more, we pay for liability insurance to make sure that all of our guides and teachers are covered incase anything were to happen while on retreat.


It’s our mission to find the best locations to host our retreats.  It’s hard to know what a retreat center is actually like until actually visiting and spending time getting to know the venues and the people that run them.  What we offer at YOGASCAPES is our experienced taste which is why nothing is more important than making sure we can visit our venues and discover new ones.  Every year, we pick a new location to get to know really really well so that we can efficiently and cost effectively create the best retreats imaginable.

Ben Crosky

At YOGASCAPES we are constantly striving to practice the same principles and values we learn in yoga in our business.  There would be a disconnect if we treated our friends and family one way and our business relationships another way.  We are constantly asking how, in every email, every creative decision, every partnership and every itinerary choice – how can we embody what we believe in and lead by example?