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Poem: Yoga as a Roadmap

October 29, 2015

Once yoga arrives in our life, we’re forever changed.

Our connection, our breath, and our body fill up
with a deep desire to be spacious
and to feel whole more often than not.

We become aware –
of the grounding placement of a heel,
the sensations in our heart,
the length of our spine,
the fire in our belly,
the slight rotation of our shoulder,
our footprint on the earth,
the reach of our fingertips,
the grudges we’re gripping,
the space we occupy,
the release of our brow,
our ability to soften our jaw,
the joy in our bones,
the healing of our mind,
the tendencies in our hips,
the judgements that leak our energy,
the beauty we choose to see around us,
and the thread that links them all.


Yoga is a lifestyle and a map.
It guides us to make healthier choices,
to be more honest with ourselves and those around us,
and to relate with less fear and more love.

It makes us strong, supple, fierce, and flexible.
Yoga calms and enlivens all at once.

As we generate more light and love within,
we contribute more light and love to the planet
and to the collective experience at large.

We all have a different story to tell about when, why, where, who, and how yoga found us. Yet once you sink in, even for a moment, you’ll always remember that you’re better off with yoga in your life. Wherever you are on your path, yoga will be there each day you return.


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