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Patagonia Yoga Teacher Jason Bowman on How Traveling Makes Him Feel Whole

August 9, 2016

Traveling is an incredibly important part of my life.

Every time I go somewhere new I learn so much about myself and so much about the world. Simply stepping off an airplane seems to re-write what I think is possible in life. And every time I get home from a big trip, I’m feel like a brighter and more whole individual. In addition, of course, yoga and meditation have long been the main tool of my growth as a person. As I’ve experienced so many times, when taken together, yoga and world travel create an unequaled source of inspiration and nourishment.

I’ve never been to Patagonia, or even to South America for that matter—looking at the pictures of where we’ll be staying on this retreat creates an excitement within me that’s simply too much to handle… I can’t wait! We’ll hike and bike in the intrepid Torres del Paine National Park, we’ll sail a crystal-clear blue river to the Grey Glacier which lies underneath jagged snow-capped peaks, we’ll eat (just a little bit too much) gourmet food, and, oh yeah, practice yoga, and meditation daily.

And as unbelievably special as all this all sounds, it really just provides the background for the part of retreat that always proves to be the most valuable: connecting with new people. Every time I lead a retreat I’m shocked at the caliber of people I get to spend time with, warmed by the friendships that bud, and inspired by the wisdom and comedy that get tossed around a dinner table 🙂

This is sure to be one for the books, join us!

Join Jason Bowman on our Patagonia Yoga Retreat & Eco Adventure this October 15–22, 2016. Learn more and save your spot! 

Jason Bowman is a writer and yoga teacher in San Francisco. His practice and teaching have been greatly influenced by Ashtanga Yoga as he’s learned it from Richard Freeman and Maty Ezraty and Vipassana Meditation as he’s learned it from SN Goenka. He has completed several trainings and silent retreats as well as years of practice with all three teachers. The impression they’ve left can be felt in his strong ability to teach the physical practice alongside the philosophical with insight and character.

Jason has excelled in teaching teachers and providing continuing education to various yoga communities. He has led several Yoga Alliance Certified teacher trainings as well as regular immersions, workshops, retreats and guest lecture series both at home and around the country. He is well known for his ability to be thorough while maintaining a light-hearted sense of humor. His classes encourage a personal examination of the space between theory and direct experience and his love for the practice shines through in his ability to teach with a concrete yet creative voice. Jason has a keen eye for detail and his classes are consistently fun and challenging while always in tune with the underlying internal inquiry that makes the practice so beautiful.