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Our Colombia Yoga Retreat

February 5, 2018

We’re so excited about our first Colombia Yoga Retreat that we wanted to share our itinerary with you!

There are still some spots left on our 2018 yoga retreat in Colombia, so book your spot here:
Colombia Yoga Retreat

Indigenous Cultures Protecting the Heart of the World

The four existing indigenous tribes (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo people) are ancestors of the pre-Hispanic Civilization, known as the Tayrona. They still practice and follow the Tayrona belief of “Aluna”, which is the belief that all reality is created by thought. Every object or being has both a spiritual aspect and a physical reality, both of which originate in thought. These people have been calling the Sierra Nevada Mountains their home for hundreds of years.

They refer to this area as “The Heart of the World” because they believe that what happens in the Sierra Nevada also happens everywhere in the world. They are committed to restoring the equilibrium to Earth by daily ritual practices, mental discipline and meditations. All of their efforts are to help protect the Sierra Nevada and the world from destruction. They have plenty to protect, including multiple ecosystems, such as: wetlands, mangroves, tropical rain forests, desert, alpine tundra and finally reaching snow capped mountains at the summit.

Through all these varied ecosystems, thousands of species of plants and animals have been identified, including dozens of which can only be found here. For example, almost 630 different bird species have been identified here, more than the US and Canada combined. Many rivers also flow from the mountains, including three large ones that empty the some of the freshest water in the world right onto our beaches. These stunning rivers are all within a 15 minute drive from the property and provide fun adventures, calming fresh water and breathtaking vistas.

Day One – Arrive at Gitana Del Mar

Our yoga retreat in Colombia is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The resort lies at the foothills of the impressive and magical Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world’s highest Coastal Mountain Range. This area is referred to as the Heart of the world, not only because of it’s geographical location, but more importantly because every single ecosystem exists and thrives in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day Two – Settle In

It is here in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, nestled under the shade of majestic coconut palms is a place where you can disconnect from the hectic world and appreciate the simpler things in life. Find harmony with mother earth as she offers up the sun, empty virgin beaches, fresh salt air and unforgettable panoramic seascapes. Gitana del Mar is a relaxing world where time moves slowly and you can reflect and appreciate all that life and nature have to give. Escape for a while to life by the sea. Feel the raw energy of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Discover peace on empty, white sand beaches. Rise with the sun over the Caribbean and fall asleep counting falling stars in the Milky Way.

Day Three – Explore
Our first big excursion, we’ll take a full day hike with picnic on the mountain with natural pool and waterfall.

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Day Four – Rejuvenate
Massages & Beach Time

Day Five – Explore
The Tayrona national park will be closed for a month in Jan/Feb to go through their yearly spiritual cleansing and rest for the indigenous people.

Day Six – Relax

Today is a great day for any optional excursions or to simply read or nap on hammocks, get a massage, find some alone time or however else you want to use your time.

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Day Seven – Depart

There are still some spots left, so book your retreat here:
Colombia Yoga Retreat