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Oaxaca Guide: Our Favorite New 2018 Destination

March 22, 2017

The secret is out.  We are planning a yoga retreat to Oaxaca. And it’s going to be absolutely incredible. To call it a yoga retreat is selling it short, as this will be an immersion of the senses in one of the most inspiring places in the world.  In January we took a research trip down to scout the most amazing restaurants, mezcalerias, activities, galleries, chefs and other off the beaten path gems.

What we are most excited about is the opportunity to connect with some local chefs that will curate an absolutely incredible and unique journey through food, which in Oaxaca is a dream come true.

Here is a short list of some of our favorite places in Oaxaca.

Three Must Eat at Farm to Table Restaurants

Our favorite restaurant for it’s freshness, creativity and overall clean, unique flavors that permeated every single dish.

I still can’t believe the meal we had for $60. A 7 course tasting menu with delicious drinks would have surely been well over $200 back home.

Chilhuacle Rojo
One of my only regrets during this trip was not having the breakfast tasting menu at Chilhuacle Rojo. The homey and unpretentious courtyard restaurant is home to Chef Jose Louis, who we’ll get to know on our trip in January. He sources his food from his family ranch



Other Treats

Juice – Jugos La Huerta
Open early mornings when everything else is closed, Jugos La Huerta has the most variety of juices with a superfood twist. Juice in Oaxaca was one of the best parts of the day and this place was one of the best ways to start the day.

French Bakery
What an expected treat to visit this vibrant bakery first thing in the morning.


Where to Stay

Diablo y Sandia
I was recommended the Diablo y Sandia by man friends and I was surely not disappointed.  I loved the communal breakfasts around the big table and the courtyard filled with bougainvillea.

Casa Oaxaca
One of the more luxurious hotels in Oaxaca and boasting one of the best restaurants in the city, Casa Oaxaca is a great option for those who want a little more luxury in the center of town.



Three Things to Do

Monte Alban




How to get there

Direct flights to Mexico City with a quick hop to Oaxaca.

Come with us in 2018


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