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A Mystical Yoga Retreat in Peru

June 15, 2015

For anyone who has ever felt the desire to travel to Peru, you know that it’s one of those places that whisper’s your name repeatedly until you answer the call.  Maybe a certain feeling comes over you when you see photos of the majestic Machu Picchu and the misty clouds hanging over the mountain peaks. Perhaps you feel admiration when you hear wild stories from others about their Peruvian adventures. Or maybe when you see their natural and colorful textiles you feel a connection that is hard to put into words.

retreat in Peru

It’s been almost 7 years since I was in Peru. My first and only time there was in 2009 when I taught yoga on one of my first retreats. I love adventure and exploring the diversity of this planet. Peru was definitely top of my list and I was overwhelmed with immense gratitude when we arrived.

As we explored the terrain, it seemed like every detail at every turn revealed a piece of history full of mystery and magic – Inca and pre-Inca built temples that carry an incredible level of insight into a more esoteric realm, cities filled with roaming alpacas and gorgeous hand dyed shawls woven straight from their warm and cozy fur, shrines throughout the Sacred Valley that were built to be aligned with various astrological and seasonal events, sweet kind Quechua locals, and delicious natural food that is often inspired by its native grain ‘quinoa’ (one of my favorites!).

retreat in Peru

In many ways I felt at home in Peru. I have a natural love for all things magical and mystical, especially when it lifts the vibration of the human spirit. Plus I’m a city girl living in NYC, so the need for nature runs deep. Being on the land here brought me back to my roots as my entire system brightened. We went on epic hikes through the Andes Mountains and explored the Maras Salt Ponds where I purchased some of my favorite crystals. I felt like an ancient Peruvian princess as I explored the sacred temples and was humbled by the earth’s brilliance as I prayerfully walked through Machu Picchu.


Peru is a place that touches you deeply and can be a life-changing Pilgrimage. It is overflowing with inspiration, healing, expansion and beauty and will positively impact your life back at home.

I am beyond excited to be returning in November. It is due time! I feel like a new person since I was there last and look forward to the reunion.

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Peru Yoga Retreat


Aarona Ganesan

Aarona Ganesan ~ more info:

With yoga, holistic health and the arts being at the forefront of Aarona‘s life journey, she has a deep sense of how to guide a nourishing and dynamic experience both on and off the mat. Her classes infuse a range of movement disciplines grounded in a steady alignment-based Vinyasa style that invites you to safely explore your edge, drop into your breath rhythm, and align your physical and subtle body. She’s the founder/producer of ‘Yoga Soundscape’ – an experience that engulfs you in a live music and sound concert as you move through a thoughtfully orchestrated movement practice. Aarona is based in NYC and teaches public classes throughout. She also facilitates adventure yoga retreats globally, leads empowering women’s workshops, offers private coaching, and is the author/founder of the upcoming healing cards “The Moon Deck™”. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Self Magazine, National Geographic Traveler UK, The Weather Channel, Wall Street Journal, Fréttblaðið (one of the biggest newpapers in Iceland), Times of India, Origin Magazine, the cover of FitYoga, NBC, Elephant Journal, Yoga Journal, AlignYo, Well+Good NYC, and Co-Creator Radio.