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Mexico Back on the Map

November 17, 2017

In the 80’s and 90’s Mexico was the ideal vacation destination for North Americans. It was close, cheap, beautiful and hot; all things that appeal greatly when it feels like you are living in a deep freeze and the only green you are seeing is your houseplants.  There were a few specific places in Mexico that were quite popular back in the day – destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Mazatlan were all the rage in the travel world.  These hot spots offered a vast array of amenities for travelers, as they touted big hotels, a wide variety of restaurants and lots of options when it came to shopping and excursions.  In addition, they boasted stunning beaches, consistent weather and a warm and delightful culture.

Over the last 20 years, however, travel in general has changed and we have seen some new travel trends emerge.  Air travel has become cheaper so more people are taking flight and choosing to venture a little further from home.  Boutique hotels in remote locations have started to pop-up and travelers are more frequently exploring places that require a little more commitment but are well worth it; places like Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica have emerged as some of the new favs.

costa rica yoga retreat

Yogascapes staff always has eyes on the travel scene and so we have developed unique and desirable trips to most of the destinations that continue to get these rave reviews. In fact, we just arrived home from the, “Life As a Mystical Journey,” escape in Peru, where we reveled in ancient sites, starry nights and the delicious local cuisine.  We also host yearly retreats in Colombia and Costa Rica, where we relish in the quiet beaches, bustling wildlife and jungles that meet the sea. So if you are a looking to explore a new spot, while you ground yourself with daily yoga, delicious food and stunning natural surroundings, check-out what we have on offer for 2018 in some of these, now not so hard to reach places!

peru yoga retreat

However, if you are looking to stay a little closer to home, then you should consider giving our Mexico Yoga Retreat a go.  Mexico is one of the places that is back on our radar – as the high influx of tourism in past years encouraged travelers who were seeking more peace and quiet, to uncover new gems.  We heard about two spots in particular, that people have been excited about so we checked them out for ourselves and really liked what we found.  As a result, we have planned two very special trips to Oaxaca and Todos Santos in January.

That time of year when a break from the cold and a sweet infusion of Latin culture is just what the doctor ordered! We chose these locations for a variety of reasons – vibe, food, hotels, nature and that little something special that we like to weave into every one of our adventures.  Both of our Mexico escapes invite you to join us on a unique travel experience that isn’t too far from your casa; to come home, reconnect, nourish and enjoy some time out in a stunning location.

Todos Santos for women specifically, who want to begin the year in balance by revitalizing the body and balancing the mind.  Oaxaca is for those of you who desire a yoga retreat for the senses – you love cooking, color, flavor and flow. Come and join us in either spot, as we put Mexico back on the map, as a must see yogi destination for 2018!

oaxaca yoga retreat oaxaca yoga retreat oaxaca yoga retreat

Join us there!