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Maderas Village

August 8, 2014

We keep coming back to this surfers paradise and it’s not just because of it’s world class surf break that fits all levels.  It’s the perfect mix of all good things in life that are rarely found in the sam place.

Just north of San Juan del Sur sits Maderas Beach.  I first found this enchanting coast when I met some Nicaraguans salsa dancing in Granada. I followed them down to San Juan del Sur and to a house on a private beach that i’ll never forget.  The bay was calm and we floated and swam in the warm water for hours.


I drove up the coast and found beach after beach with hardly a soul in sight and the tropical paradise I had always dreamed of became a reality for the first time.



Maderas Village is nestled in a hill just above one of these magical beaches and the people that run it seem to be in daily awe of their home in the same way that I was in awe with it the very first time I stumbled upon it.


What I find at Maderas Village is that this daily awe of life inspires creativity that manifests in delicious design from the stylish rooms to the Maderas Collection.  Combine creativity with a healthy lifestyle surrounded by a constant flow of good people, daily doses of surfing, delicious food at each meal and adventures at your fingertips and you have the perfect recipe for paradise – the perfect recipe for a yoga retreat.

Photos property of Maders Village (Contributing Photographers: Nikki Brand, Kayla Rocca, Myles Pettingill, Justin Ruhl)