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Loconda Del Gallo Yoga Retreat in Umbria

October 26, 2015

We are so happy we found Locanda del Gallo because after traveling around Italy in search of the best retreat centers, we didn’t find anything like it.  Paola Moro and Erich Breuer have put their heart and soul into restoring this old farmhouse into all the glory it is today.  We felt their caring touch in all elements of their farmhouse, from the gourmet food shared in the gorgeous dining room to the cool mint spray designed to be enjoyed after the steam room. Creating something truly special takes time and it’s more clear here than anywhere else we’ve traveled – it’s worth it.



The entire villa is restored in traditional farmhouse style with a taste of Morocco from the owners travels.  The thick wood of combined with the light decor makes for a rustic yet luxurious feel.  Each guest receives a beautiful basked filled with a robe for enjoying the wellness area.  The grounds are to die for, making the view from your room filled with magical scenery.  We had such a comfortable sleep at Locanda and had a hard time leaving our room even though there were so many other places we wanted to spend our time.



The gem of Locanda del Gallo, from the outside, is it’s infinity pool and jacuzzi overlooking spectacular views of the valley, however if you visit in person you’ll discover that there is a treasure just below the pool in the form of a wellness room.  You’ll discover Paola’s love for Morocco when you enjoy the wellness room with heated stone seating in the shape/design of a Hammam.  There is also an excellent steam room with a mint spray and a massage room.  The whole environment just makes you want to stay in all day and read a good book – and that’s a lot to say when you’re in such a spectacular setting.



Walk through the gardens and follow the Moroccan lamps to the gorgeous yoga studio.  Filled with props and amazing woodwork, the yoga studio is a spiritual sanctuary in the quiet of nature.



Locanda Del Gallo’s dining experience is truly special. The glass dining room and the delicious food that can be catered for any dietary restrictions and is sourced 80% from the farm and the rest local and organic makes every single meal feel like an occasion, and it is.



Umbria is a lesser visited region next to Tuscany that is filled with picturesque hilltop towns like Gubbio, Assisi, Todo, Spoleto and Perugia while at the same time being surrounded by incredible nature.  Fly or take the train into Perugia and explore before or after our retreat.



Locanda is the perfect place to explore Umbria and then retreat back away from the tourism to truly retreat.  Visit wineries, explore hilltop towns, discover hot springs and eat Gelato.  Or stay home and enjoy a massage, go on an incredible hike, visit a hand-looming workshop or simply relax in the Hammam. Explore Locanda’s gorgeous 28 hectors of gardens, olive trees, produce, fig trees and more will make you fall in love with Umbrian hills and valleys


Insider tips.

This region is rich with nature and culture.  If you’re going on a retreat to Locanda del Gallo, we highly suggest traveling before and or after the retreat so that when you are there you don’t try to do it all.  Find the Moroccan lounge bed, read in the wellness area, take an outdoor shower after yoga class.



Loconda del Gallo is perfect for travelers looking to have an authentic Italian feel without sacrificing wellbeing and self-care.  For single travelers, families and couples, Locanda has something for everyone in the most gorgeous location we could imagine.

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