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Lightning in a Bottle 2016 Afterglow

June 2, 2016

lightning in a bottle

A whirlwind of beats, open hearts, delicious food, art and yoga. Lightning in a Bottle overflows with creations, opportunities for learning and release.

Rewind to sunrise early Sunday around a large fire… We greet the morning sun with song and breath that express respect, stillness and gratitude. We are linked through feeling of celebration, unique to each of us after a night of AMAZING music, art and connection marked by the earth-shaking dancing to Jamie xx, ethereal songs of Hundred Waters, epic set by Dirtwire, awe-inspiring offerings of the earth harp and more. In between the larger sets we find kirtan sets, african music, contact improv classes, talks on the essence of living in your purpose, and quirky magic shows with twin mermaid assistants.

lightning in a bottle 2016

Aside hundreds of yogis with their mats rolled out, I realized that attendees at this festival were not just down for yoga but planned on doing a lot of it. Yes, there were thousands of people that likely didn’t make it onto a mat, but many many did. The first class I took was yoga under the earth harp with Kishan Shah and I almost cried as soon as the harp was played. It was gorgeous. It uses the landscape as it’s structure and emits a reverberation that melts your heart. The second class I found myself in could have been the opposite, but it was just as nourishing, through the Yoga of Bass. Last time I saw Yoga of Bass, they were speaking about leaning into your creative potential. This time they lead us through a grounded flow and turned up the bass to literally evoke a sound massage for the entire crowd, leaving everyone buzzing.

At LIB, we step into a world where dreams and reality intermingle and normal social barriers are melted away where intentions meet. Intentions to take it all in and be present – to dance life we’ve never danced before – to witness each other and ourselves – to play and be silly – to defy the forces of FOMO and enjoy all that is in front of you – to be empowered in creating our own experience – to take care of ourselves and our bodies – to eat so well – to step away from the computer – to hear epic music and to love life.

lightning in a bottle 2016

As a creator of retreats, I am always drawn towards spaces that pull me in — spaces that have an identity that I want to know more about and that hold potential for experience. At LIB, these spaces are abundant. The meditation lookout was absolutely a favorite. Spacious and cool under the oak trees, it sat above the festival and was always an invitation for relaxation. The stage at the healing sanctuary was also a space that you could watch time melt away as you listened to Cello Joe rock it out. The Temple of Consciousness was also one of those spacious where some kind of gorgeous international music or spoken word performance was unfolding in front of a crowd of comfortable, cuddling fans. Each space had purpose and with so much to explore, you couldn’t go wrong.

lightning in a bottle 2016

lightning in a bottle 2016

Other highlights included the Oasis Bathhouse providing unbelievable rejuvenating showers, which some would call life-saving, good vibes and a delicious cafe serving activated foods. And of course there was also a sound bath, Alina Baraz, evocative live performance art and multiple herbal elixir bars. After the weekend was over, one of the elements that resonated most was the way people seemed to embrace silliness, freedom and weirdness. May be always remember that our expression can spark the opening of another, and the power within that is infinite. Thank you LIB for an epic epic weekend. We’ll see you next time.

As Lead Experience Designer at Yogascapes and Wildsoul, Leah is always in search of inspiring, unique experience. She designs thoughtful events that deepen holistic connection to self, community, and planet. Leah’s personal Vinyasa-based yoga practice is informed by her exploration of movement as a dancer and welcoming attitude towards challenge as a rock climber and Acroyogi.
Leah is a student of natural medicine and Ayurveda, and received a B.A. in Sustainable Development and Environmental Justice at UC Berkeley. Before arriving to Yogascapes, she most recently served as Programs Director and Strategic Developer at Bay Area Green Tours, and consulted for clients including the Institute of Environmental Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Pure Water, and Global Inheritance. Leah is based in the Bay Area, but can often be found in far corners of the world seeking new flavors in food and adventure.