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Life as a Sacred Offering

November 30, 2018


Devotion is when we commit with loyalty and love to a person, experience or cause.

It’s when we live with purpose and intention so our energy pours from a place of honesty and integrity.

Our enthusiasm and presence for that which we devote ourselves to, becomes the thread of connection to Spirit.

It’s the fuel that feeds the prayers of our offerings, allowing us to devote our gifts and resources freely from the fullness from our hearts…replenishing us from the inside out.

We can devote ourselves to one (or many) people/experiences/causes and receive immense joy – an inner well spring of connection that seems to overflow on the daily. Or we can aimlessly move through life, unsure of who and what we want to devote ourselves to, feeling stripped of our time and energy, empty and lost.

Devotion is a grounding force that taps us into Source. It’s a vital piece of our Spiritual development as it allows us to take any situation/experience and create deeper purpose – reflections, growth and awakenings.

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And from my experience, it isn’t taught – rather an intrinsic desire for a deeper connection that we must be willing to unlock.

It’s a felt energetic exchange with the Universe which arrives as subtle and powerful shifts in our consciousness…an affirmation, deep breathing, preparing meals, helping a stranger, sharing knowledge, volunteering time…it doesn’t mater what the act, most important is how you move through it – to see it through the lens of a daily prayer and sacred offering to the world.

So let life become the offering of your Soul!

Choose your values from the heart and decide what it is you stand for. Then find simple ways in which you devote yourself to everyday, no matter how small or large the purpose may seem. Remember that when we commit and show up fully, we our thread within the tapestry of life strengthens to make for a more beautiful, vibrant and connected existence.

Practice cultivating and integrating this devotion with me and a beautiful community in Bali on Abundant Being: Bali Retreat in January.

lauren lee yoga retreat