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  • Claire Grieve

    5 Ways to Cleanse Your Energy for a Vibrant Spring

    Spring is almost here and with it will come the fresh energy of new life and new beginnings. During each change of seasons, I like to do mini cleansing rituals […]

  • devon sweeney yoga

    5 Rituals For Spring: Embodying Peace in the Season of Renewal

    “…if you do know what is taught by plants and weather, you are in on the gossip and can feel truly at home. The sum of a field’s forces become […]

  • sierra hot springs

    Celebrate Your Spring: Awaken Balance & Em...

    Inspired by the season, our Spring retreats evoke warmth, balance, inspiration and growth. After the darkness of winter, the abundance of the water element in Spring can be experienced as […]

  • 3 Reasons to Retreat with Lisa Åkesson Stryker ...

    Sometimes when I vacation or retreat, I want to learn, grow and be challenged. I want to feel all the feels and cry with both joy and sadness as I make […]

  • 5 Alternative Ways the Share the Love for Valen...

    We’re all about spreading and sharing the love in authentic and creative ways, everyday. If you’re anything like us you don’t need a designated date on the cal to celebrate […]

  • moon phases

    Decoding Monthly Energetic Cycles

    May taking note of the subtle energies of moon cycles support empowered relationship with all of its phases. May we celebrate both the shadows and the light of the moon, […]

  • California Spring Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat

    Taking time away from “life” is never easy. Whether it’s obligations for family, work, or extracurricular, many of us are profoundly good at coming up with reasons not to “hit […]


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