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    Be Inspired: Featuring Nicole Lindstrom

    At YOGASCAPES, we embrace the inspiration of adventure and know that through travel and experience, we gain unique perspective into ourselves. Creator of GLDMNE and She Explores, Nicole Lindstrom, gracefully embodies this exploration […]

  • paul-morris-128424

    Wood Element Inspired Salad Recipe by Kate Mulheron

    We’re always looking for delicious, fresh new recipes to honor seasonal produce and we’re excited to find this creative Spring Salad recipe from Kate Mulheron, originally shared in her beautiful Spring […]

  • bali yoga retreat

    Explore the Magic of Bali in 11 Stunning Photos

    Bali, we don’t know how you do it. From the rice fields to the water falls to volcanoes to temple visits and incredible balinese food, you are a magical land […]

  • DSC_5989

    3 Simple Ways to Renew a Stagnant Yoga Practice

    It happens to the best of us. It doesn’t matter if your practice is a daily, weekly or monthly thing. The more we practice, the more in tune and connected we […]

  • IMG_5056

    Oaxaca Guide: Our Favorite New 2018 Destination

    The secret is out.  We are planning a yoga retreat to Oaxaca. And it’s going to be absolutely incredible. To call it a yoga retreat is selling it short, as […]

  • biegun-wschodni-18125

    3 Ways to Gracefully Transition from Winter To ...

    Change is constant, but no transition seems as dramatic and welcomed as the one from winter to spring. Nature and humanity unite in the process waking up and stepping out […]

  • Nicaragua Yoga Retreat in Photos

    There’s nothing quite like our yoga retreats in Nicaragua.  Each retreat we run has a completely different energy and our Nicaragua yoga retreats always seem to be filled with the […]


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