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  • Spring Clean Your Love Life

    Spring Clean Your Love Life   I am in the most incredible loving relationship of my life. Many of my single friends have asked me how it happened. The short […]

  • Great Medicine of the North

    We have  passed the threshold of the Sacred Direction of the North, Winters Solstice, December 21st,  a time of depth, stillness and reflection. It is really hard to truly embrace […]

  • Marina Guastucci yoga

    Find joy in the darkness of Winter

    In a culture obsessed with the outward, the bold, and the all too obvious, it can be difficult for us to set time aside for savoring the more subtle aspects […]

  • Free yourself from negative self talk

    Cat’s out of the bag. We all have an unhelpful negative voices that block us from realizing our fullest potential, and Alexa Nehter calls us out on this unhealthy habit. […]

  • finding abundance in change

    Tools of Yoga

    Nothing is permanent in life but change. At YOGASCAPES, find retreats to be an invaluable way to deepen our self-awareness, adaptability and sense of adventure on this beautiful, wild ride. We loved […]

  • 5 Things to Bring on a Yoga Retreat

    Over the past decade I have been lucky enough to travel the world, adventure the wild unknown, and both attend and lead multiple yoga retreats. My adventures have taught me […]

  • 5 Things to Do on a Yoga Retreat Besides Yoga

    On my upcoming retreat to Nicauagura at Maderas Village, you get to experience two yoga classes a day led by yours truly. But wait…there’s more! What will we do with […]

  • butternut recipe

    Recipe: Gina Caputo’s Butternuts Gone Wild

    Each week what I’ve been doing is thinking about my favorite fall ingredients and then trying to create a simple meal around that ingredient. This sneaky mofo one-dish-meal made with […]

  • Getting Grounded for Fall With Abby Tucker

    Grounded is a state of balance and sensibility. A state in which we are able to observe and respond to the occurrences in our life clearly and make conscious decisions. […]