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  • lauren lee bali yoga retreat

    Life as a Sacred Offering

    Devotion is when we commit with loyalty and love to a person, experience or cause. It’s when we live with purpose and intention so our energy pours from a place […]

  • lauren lee yoga retreat

    Innate Abundance

    What are the ways in which you are abundant right now? I ask myself this question often throughout my days…Especially in moments of doubt, fear or overwhelm, this question can […]

  • bali yoga retreat

    Cleansing Practices with Lexi Faith

    My favorite practice right now is Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga uses mantras, breathwork, and group work in combination with yoga asana and meditation to create an integrated practice that shifts […]

  • 3 Post-Retreat Rituals For Continued Self Care

    For many people the reason to book a retreat is founded in a need to slow down, disconnect and focus on self. This coming year I have several retreats scheduled […]

  • hayley

    From the Root of Your Back Pain to the Root of ...

    Originally shared by Hayley Ebersole here. For a full weekend of discovery and hot springs with Hayley, join us at Sierra Hot Springs. Yogis, stop duct-taping your body! Redefine “the core” […]

  • hayley

    Five Minute Embodiment Meditation for Busy People

    Hayley Ebersole’s work lies “at the intersection of therapeutic movement, hands-on therapy, embodied presence and sensual pleasure. My role as both a teacher, a bodyworker and a trainer of teachers […]

  • Lauren Lee Bali Yoga Retreat

    3 At Home Yoga Classes from Lauren Lee

    We are honored to collaborate with Lauren Lee, a wonderful teacher “dedicated to sharing holistic practices that alchemize the body and mind to expand the heart.” Lauren believes that yoga […]

  • MOAB: Current Status ➡️

    Current Status  ➡️ ON AN ADVENTURE  Moab is one of those places filled with magic and wonder. It’s a dream for the adventure-seeking soul. And it is a destination for […]

  • The Self Care of Travel

    The Self Care of Travel, By Lexi Traub Lexi will be leading our annual Bali Yoga Retreat at Naya in Ubud, to learn more click HERE. Self care is at […]