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  • elemental alchemy

    Holiday Wellness Essentials & Yoga Gifts

    Sharing wellbeing & inspiration is an invaluable gift. Here at YOGASCAPES, we love connecting you to healthy and exciting experiences and products, made with care. Below are our top 11 travel and […]

  • vegetarian recipe

    Healthy Retreat Recipe

    We cherish food made with love, and retreats are a perfect time to celebrate this. Enjoy a little taste of retreat with this healthy recipe for Cauliflower Cakes from our friend […]

  • 4 Reasons Why Having a Morning Ritual is Key

    In the tradition of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, the hours just after waking are the best moments of the day for spiritual alignment and meditation. Morning rituals act like a […]

  • black bean brownie

    Healthy Vegan Brownie Recipe

    At YOGASCAPES, we’re obsessed with delicious, healthy food that supports and inspires us. That’s why we were excited to meet Lina Bou and experience her Vegan Black Bean Brownie recipe, […]

  • Harvesting Gratitude is a Year Round Practice

    Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is the cornerstone of many great philosophies and spiritual practices – reiki, yoga, meditation, 11th step, the law of attraction, and positive psychology are just a […]

  • You Can’t Build a High Vibe Life Without ...

    Our one little life is interdependent on all other expressions of it, which means our relationship to our self on the mat extends to our relationships with other people off […]

  • 10 Quotes To Level Up The Passion in Your Life

    Summer is a time of passion. But even with everything that’s going on in the heat of the night, we can be left feeling a little dry – a little […]

  • We Need Each Other

    There’s a lot of talk about independence in both the wellness community and society, in general. We encourage people to get themselves straightened out before they try to interact with […]

  • Loving Kali in the Rain

    I was in Chidambaram, South India during monsoon. The rain periodically fell in obscene sheets, drenching me several times a day as I moved from one area of the temple […]