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  • biegun-wschodni-18125

    3 Ways to Gracefully Transition from Winter To ...

    Change is constant, but no transition seems as dramatic and welcomed as the one from winter to spring. Nature and humanity unite in the process waking up and stepping out […]

  • ashley neese

    Spring Clean Your Love Life

    Spring Clean Your Love Life   I am in the most incredible loving relationship of my life. Many of my single friends have asked me how it happened. The short […]

  • Ashley Neese

    5 Powerful Ways to Love Yourself

    5 Powerful Ways To Love Yourself In the spirit of deepening a connection to your heart I’ve rounded up my favorite ways to practice self-love. Five years ago I was […]

  • molly blog

    Winter Wisdom from Molly Cofman

    WINTER WISDOM As we move deeper into the winter season, the days are short, energy has naturally turned inward, and we brace ourselves for the remaining cold weather. The holidays […]

  • KateMulheronYoga (186 of 226)(1)

    Great Medicine of the North

    We have  passed the threshold of the Sacred Direction of the North, Winters Solstice, December 21st,  a time of depth, stillness and reflection. It is really hard to truly embrace […]

  • Marina Guastucci yoga

    Find joy in the darkness of Winter

    In a culture obsessed with the outward, the bold, and the all too obvious, it can be difficult for us to set time aside for savoring the more subtle aspects […]

  • katie silcox yoga

    Why Things Need to be a Hell, Yes in 2017

    I had had a conversation with a business C.E.O.-type friend. He was telling me about the struggles he was having with an employee, and how he was considering the difficult […]

  • Alexa Nehter


    Years ago I was in Italy, lying on the floor in the living room of my teacher’s house Diane Long. It was the first pose of the practice and Diane didn’t […]

  • Photo by Ali Kaukas

    Journey to The Land Within [VIDEO]

    WATCH this epic video to take enjoy the Yogascapes  journey to land within. Thanks to Fox Den Productions for the amazing footage. View our upcoming trips to book an adventure of your own. 0