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  • sup yoga

    Ditch Your Routine, Change Your Life

    This article was originally published on… The office, as chaotic as Disney World on a holiday weekend, the evening commute home resembled more of a parking lot and less […]

  • @ChoateHouse-1-555x370@2x

    5 Yoga Retreats to Ignite Your Inner Foodie This Fall

    Travel — you’re not doing it right if you are not trying as much local, cultural food as possible. That’s why we try to integrate healthy, delicious, and unique foods […]

  • shamantic

    How Do I Follow a Shamanic Path?

    Originally Published on Free People’s blog site.  When it comes to wellness and travel, questions often outnumber the answers. To help in the cause we’ve launched Dear Escapes: an advice […]

  • travel

    Survey Says Travel Is the Number One Mood Booster

    Want to turn that frown upside down? Book a vacation, yoga retreat or go backpacking. According to’s “Traveler’s Sweet Spot” survey on traveling, more than half of respondents said that traveling improves their […]

  • photo-SQS_DK_lazercake_0141

    Enchanted Forest: Embodiment through Music ...

    What is it about music that evokes movement and breath in us? What is it about singing and engaging our bodies that supports the deepening of our presence and attention? As […]

  • kauai travel guide

    Hawaii Travel Guide: Living the Kauai Dream

    As such a clear birthplace and place of creation, Kauai is inherently and deeply transformative. People are drawn to the island and what is embedded into their hearts and bodies […]

  • A Chef’s Epic Eating (and Relaxing) Tour of Japan

    Lazy Bear chef David Barzelay recently took a trip to Japan for vacation, where he ate his way through Tokyo, dined and relaxed at a traditional ryokan, and hung out […]


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