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  • hayley

    From the Root of Your Back Pain to the Root of Your Core in 4 Steps

    Originally shared by Hayley Ebersole here. For a full weekend of discovery and hot springs with Hayley, join us at Sierra Hot Springs. Yogis, stop duct-taping your body! Redefine “the core” […]

  • lauren lee yoga retreat

    The Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

    A yoga retreat is a unique experience which supports us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. While there are many benefits to yoga retreats, the following five reasons are what keeps […]

  • lauren lee bali yoga retreat

    Life as a Sacred Offering

    Devotion is when we commit with loyalty and love to a person, experience or cause. It’s when we live with purpose and intention so our energy pours from a place […]

  • lauren lee yoga retreat

    Innate Abundance

    What are the ways in which you are abundant right now? I ask myself this question often throughout my days…Especially in moments of doubt, fear or overwhelm, this question can […]

  • gifting

    YS Picks: 19 Yoga & Travel Gifts for 2019

    We all know there are an infinite number of ways to express our care for others. From inviting friends over for a home cooked meal to going on a retreat […]

  • Jess Trudeau Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

    Stoking the Fires of Your Wild Nature

    This piece was inspired by the wild places we travel to, both inside and out. It’s an offered conversation proposed for your soul on honoring the wild within you both […]

  • Yoga Journal Highlights YOGASCAPES Bali Retreat

    In Yoga Journal’s “6 Yoga Retreats to Help You Recover from a Bad Breakup,” Stephanie Granada points out how retreats can give us gentle space to relax emotionally while “deepening […]


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