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  • Iceland Yoga Retreat Photos by Haana

    Embodying the Beauty of Nature: 3 Breath-Focused Visual Meditations

    “The beauty of the earth is the first beauty. Millions of years before us the earth lived in wild elegance. Landscape is the first-born of creation.” “The earth is our […]

  • How to bring more beauty into your life!

    Many of us live our lives in the fast lane, fueled by caffeine and sugary snacks, surrounded by screens, necks craned down towards our devices. How often in our day […]

  • The Beauty of Not Yet

    When you find yourself in the cycles of nature, you know that the beauty outside also resides within. There is beauty in a seed, closed up tight and full of […]

  • Five 2019 Fall Retreats to Fall For

    Fall is the time for deep transformation as we move away from the expanse of summer and prepare ourselves to gracefully and effectively welcome in the darkness of winter. It […]


    The elders of the high Andean indigenous community, Q’eros, say that we all have a place that summons us into its presence. However close or far from home it wouldn’t […]

  • Our Favorite Transformative Gatherings & R...

    At the moment, I’m not a woman, but these gatherings & retreats for women make me wish I were.  The more I see women connecting with other women, sharing in […]

  • The Mother, Divine Mother and the Wild Feminine.

    The Mother, Divine Mother and the Wild Feminine. With Mother’s day at our doorsteps, I come to reflect on the Feminine. I feel my own mother, my grandmother and great-grandmothers […]


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