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  • alexa

    Free yourself from negative self talk

    Cat’s out of the bag. We all have an unhelpful negative voices that block us from realizing our fullest potential, and Alexa Nehter calls us out on this unhealthy habit. […]

  • Alexa Nehter


    Years ago I was in Italy, lying on the floor in the living room of my teacher’s house Diane Long. It was the first pose of the practice and Diane didn’t […]

  • Marina Guastucci

    3 Reasons to Retreat with Marina Guastucci

    We are so lucky to be spending time with Marina Guastucci on The Sierra’s Retreat in April. Her magnetic and vibrant energy both in the classroom and on the hiking […]

  • icelandreyk028


    ANNOUNCING OUR “ICELAND – LAND WITHIN” VIDEO SERIES 2016 was filled with amazing adventures around the world which included 2 yoga retreats in Iceland and we are so excited to […]

  • 3 Things You Should Know About Taylor Eyewalker

    There’s a lot you learn about a teacher when you take class with them, but there’s still so much more to their story. With the desire to get to know […]

  • Photo by Ali Kaukas

    YOGASCAPES is one of “The Best Travel Ins...

    As we travel on retreat and search far and wide for the most special destinations to offer retreats, we love sharing a daily taste for the beauty we’re after. Paste Magazine features @yogascapes as […]

  • Getting to Know Pete Guinosso

    If you don’t know Pete Guinosso, you really should. He teaches yoga in Bay Area and spends a lot of his time exploring California’s wonders with his wife and dog. […]


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