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    If your evening ritual consists of collapsing onto your couch and binge watching TV or scrolling endlessly through news feeds and other internet rabbit holes, then crawling into bed when […]

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    In the tradition of Yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda, the hours just after waking are the best moments of the day for spiritual alignment and meditation. Morning rituals act like a […]

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    Colombia has emerged as a hot spot for travelers across the globe, as it is a jewel of a country that seems to have a little some thing special for […]

  • Locanda del Gallo

    Italian Phrases

    Wherever we go, we love to pick up and practice a few phrases, and we find that locals appreciate it too. Even if you don’t get them right on the […]

  • black bean brownie

    Healthy Vegan Brownie Recipe

    At YOGASCAPES, we’re obsessed with delicious, healthy food that supports and inspires us. That’s why we were excited to meet Lina Bou and experience her Vegan Black Bean Brownie recipe, […]

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  • 5 Ways Yoga Retreats Are Like Summer Camp For Grown Ups

    Yoga retreats are distinguished from other getaways by their inherent intention for spiritually inspiring experiences and conscious-raising environments, both socially and geographically. Aside from this invitation to toy with our […]


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