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  • 12669448_1022061277868576_8246219469060508569_n

    3 Reasons We Love Alexa Nehter

    There’s so many reasons to be head-over-heels obsessed with Alexa Nehter, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Here’s our top 3: She’s a world traveler. Alexa spends her life in […]

  • 15219533_10101641708330475_3617522430476377009_n1

    3 Undeniable Reasons You Should Know Rachelle Tratt

    Rachelle Tratt, you guys. She is an amazing powerhouse of a teacher, friend and leader in the yoga community. We don’t think she needs much more of an intro than […]


    3 Reasons You Should Be Taking Classes With Bro...

    What’s that? You haven’t taken class with Brook Cheatham yet? It’s okay, we’re not mad. But, seriously you need to remedy that immediately. Here’s why: She’s motivational in the best […]

  • alikaukas_2652

    Morocco Yoga Retreat in Photos

    We’ve been going to Morocco for 4 years and we just can’t get enough of the colors, the food, the tea the Berber people, the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara, the […]

  • _u4a0252

    Yoga Retreat in Peru

    Peru has been one of the most transformative places we’ve ever led a retreat. Armed with Ashleigh Seargent as our yoga teacher and Gaby as our sensational local guide, the […]

  • alikaukas_8828

    A Yoga Retreat in Umbria Like No Other

    Italy is by far one of our favorite destinations for a yoga retreat and we’ve found our favorite retreat center in all of Italy and it’s in the heart of […]

  • Yogascapes Yoga Retreat in Scotland in Pictures

    Our second annual yoga retreat in Scotland was a feast for the senses and these pictures by Sasha Juliard are a feast for the eyes. Check out the amazing retreat […]


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