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The House of Citrine Joshua Tree Guide

May 13, 2018

We love finding the best of the best places to visit while we’re traveling. For us that means delicious and healthy food, inspiring landscapes, creative spaces and more. That’s why for our Joshua Tree Yoga Retreat, we’ve turned to our friends at the House of Citrine to share their wonderful Joshua Tree Travel Guide, originally posted here.

As you can tell, I like my quick getaways from LA. Because California offers so many beautiful destinations just a short drive from the city, I do not feel like I need to drive more than two hours to find sanctuary. As you drive southeast from LA, you enter true desert. However, there is a powerful pull to this barren landscape. As you begin to enter the lands, they become raw and heavy. You begin to notice red rock formations and obscure shapes that are so powerful, they will provoke intense reactions. People either have the immediate heart pumping need to turn back around or a pull to continue forward with intense fascination.

If you chose to enter this vortex, you will find the commanding lands of Joshua Tree. The desert of Joshua Tree is world renowned for good reason. These lands are special simply because they are untouched and naked with real energy. It is a deep and very healing experience to bask in the vast breathtaking desert. This is why so many artists, musicians and spiritual enthusiasts flock here! Joshua Tree is the ideal place to explore personal retreats or even have psychedelic experiences. And while you are here, you will need this guide to properly nourish and satiate your body, mind and soul. Take advantage of not only the landscape, but the small town offerings of Joshua Tree. You will find profound healing, as it is a true mecca for introspection.



If you want to experience the rich spirits of Joshua Tree without getting down and dirty, Airbnb is a great option. You will come home to a bed and shower and wake up refreshed and ready to explore once again.

The Joshua Treehouse

This Airbnb property has become so popular, it now has its own website! A stunning 1949 hacienda, it is a deluxe house with two beds and bathrooms as well as a hot tub. It is so serene, surrounded by 100 Joshua Trees.

Casa Joshua Tree

This stylish artist’s sanctuary is also a rental property. Filled with light and creative energy, it is honestly the best place to immerse yourself in meditation and get your artistic juices flowing.


With a multitude of areas to camp situated next to the national park, you will not have a tough time choosing a place. If you are looking to truly ground yourself and get closer to nature, this is the best option.


La Copine

This hip farm to table style restaurants boasts some of the highest quality dishes in Joshua Tree. Owned by two inspiring feminists, they have created a vibe with the perfect blend of casual and homey. It is located in a great location near Integratron, on Old Women Springs Road, go figure!

Address: 848 Old Woman Springs Road, Flamingo Heights, CA 92284  |  (760) 289-8537

Natural Sisters Cafe

This is a fantastic healthy breakfast or lunch option. They have deliciously yummy vegetarian and vegan friendly sandwiches, wraps, salads, and daily specials as well as smoothies, juices, and locally roasted coffee and espresso beverages. Their spinach and sun dried tomato salad is to die for.

Address: 61695 Twentynine Palms Hwy, Unit B. Joshua Tree, CA 92252  |  (760) 366-3600

Joshua Tree Health Foods

Joshua Tree’s premiere health food store, they sell such quality goodies from sustainable wine and beers to fresh produce to local artisan products. Be sure to pick up your healthy high vibe snacks before exploring in the hot sun.

Address: 61693 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252  |  760-366-7489



This renowned and iconic wooden sculpture is what most tourists gravitate to, and for good reason. They offer sonic healing sessions of sound baths, as this structure amplifies the earth’s magnetic field. Make sure to make an appointment if you want to bathe in this work of art.

Address: 2477 Belfield Blvd, Landers, CA 92285  |  760-364-3126

Joshua Tree Farmers Market

Open every Saturday from 8am to 1pm in downtown Joshua Tree, this is one of our favorite markets! Quaint and locally driven, the importance of community really shines bright here. Visit with Joshua Tree residents, shop for local arts and crafts as well as sustainable produce. Such a relaxing activity with the family on Saturday morning.

Address: 61705 Twentynine Palms Highway, Joshua Tree, CA 92252  |  760-420-7529

Joshua Tree National Park

This is the essential place to visit. Travelers from across the globe come to revel at the geological wonders and signature trees of this national park. There is so much vast wilderness to hike and explore. Be sure to bring sturdy shoes and sunsceen!

Contact: 760-367-5500

Giant Rock

The largest freestanding boulder in the world, it is considered one of the most sacred rocks of Joshua Tree by Native Americans. It is quite extraordinary, covering 5,800 square feet of ground and seven stories high. The perfect off road stop for photos and a quick refresher.

Address: Landers, CA 92285  |  760-365-5646

Dhamma Vaddhana Vipassana Meditation Center

If you are looking to get deep into spiritual cleansing and healing, then go on a silent retreat at this acclaimed vipassana meditation center. You must bring your own bedding, meditation pillows and an open body, mind and soul, but you will leave with true connection to earth and recharged energy.

Address: 68561 Twentynine Palms Highway, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277  |  760-362-4615

joshua tree


Grateful Desert Apothecary, Herb Shop and Eco Market

We absolutely adore this adorable herb shop and wellness room. Home to a local apothecary and wellness bar, you can find the highest quality herbs, natural body care and home care products, international foods, local art, and gourmet chocolate. We could spend hours browsing the walls and picking owner Jenny’s brain about holistic healing!


Juice in the Desert

Owned by the ever inspiring Angela Del Aqua, Juice in the Desert is a personal juice cleanse of 100% raw, organic, cold-pressed juices to help your body reboot and digest the magic of Joshua Tree. There is no one we trust more with our juice needs, as she serves the highest quality with such love and passion.

Wonder Valley Olive Oil

Just as the description reads, buttery, herbaceous, fruitful and grassy are words that come to mind. The crème de la crème of certified Extra Virgin grade olive oil made from handpicked young olives in the limitless beauty and inspiration of Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree Kombucha

This small batch fermentation company has created ethically high quality kombucha, that is sold in 100% all-glass. We love supporting small businesses with such integrity and community spirit. We especially love their Ginger Elixir blend.

joshua tree

Joshua Tree Coffee Company

Fresh, organic and locally roasted. Three important reasons why this is some of the best coffee around Southern California. “Unlike traditional roasters, which have an atmospheric burner (open flame) under the beans, [their] burner is instead located in the cyclone (where chaff, a peanut like skin, is separated from the exhaust).” This means the beans are roasted extremely gently and evenly, and are nearly zero emission!


Desert Daze Music Festival

Located at the Institute of Metaphysics from October 12 – 15, you know this personal festival is only getting better each year. With a killer psychedelic and grunge rock lineup, as well as, boasting innovative art installations and sustainable additions like a daily farmer’s market, this is THE music festival you do not want to miss. This festival is not for the faint of heart, so be sure to catch this spiritual and mystical innovation before it blows up! We will see you there this year and be sure to grab tickets here.

Joshua Tree Music Festival

This classic Joshua Tree festival from October 5 – 8 is all about family, community and connection. It focus on world music, art and yoga, celebrating the freedom and power of Joshua Tree. All ages are welcome to jam out and get funky together while truly basking in each other’s positive energy and spirits. Be sure to grab tickets here or we definitely recommend getting involved and volunteering.

Shakti and Bhakti Festival

Illuminate your soul with yoga and kirtan music at these sacred gatherings. If you want to reconnect spiritually in Joshua Tree, but still want to enjoy a festival atmosphere, then this is the place for you. Both offer the best in yoga, sacred music, dance, workshops, and classes, which are all intended to inspire devotion. You will sit along side some of world’s master teachers, and sacred music artists in the conscious community. Check out the Shakti Festival from May 12-14 and Bhakti Festival from September 7-11 in 2018.

shakti fest

Cover photo by: Julia Corbett


Sima Morrison, House of Citrine

Sima Morrison, founder of House of Citrine, is a vibrant soul with a potent zest for life and the beauty in its simple pleasures. As a holistic nutritionist and herbalism student, Sima has made it her life's journey to experience, to empower, and to explore the synergy between the mind and the body, embracing the liberty and power of mindful living. She earned her Bachelors Degree in Science in Public Health Education from California State University Northridge and studied Holistic Nutrition at The Natural Healing Institute.