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Italian Phrases

September 22, 2017

Locanda del Gallo

Wherever we go, we love to pick up and practice a few phrases, and we find that locals appreciate it too. Even if you don’t get them right on the first go, keep practicing and you’ll eventually find a flow. Since we enamored by Italy and return every year, here are some key Italian phrases that will help you get around and connect with the beautiful people of Italy.

– Thank you / Grazie
– You’re welcome / Prego
– Please / Per favore
– Yes / 
– No / No
– Excuse me / Mi scusi
– I’m sorry / Mi dispiace
– I don’t understand / Non capisco
– I don’t speak Italian / Non parlo italiano
– Do you speak English? / Parla inglese?
– What’s your name? / Come si chiama?
– How much does that cost? (sg./pl.) / Quanto costa/costano?
– Can you help me? / Mi può aiutare?
– Where is the bathroom? / Dov’è la toilette?

And lastly one of our favorites to live by is: “Mangi con Amore”… eat with love.

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