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Interview: Hyde Yoga’s Brook Cosby – Healing the Planet Through Clothing

September 14, 2015

As yogis, one of our intentions is to leave this planet better than we found it, which is why YOGASCAPES is partnering with eco-friendly yoga brand, Hyde Yoga to put on our upcoming Magical Marrakesh Retreat this November.

We spoke with Brook Cosby, the co-owner of Hyde Yoga to get the scoop on the brand, why it decides to take the extra steps to be eco-friendly and to discover our fall yoga must-haves.

YOGASCAPES: What’s Hyde Yoga’s mission?
Brook Cosby: Hyde’s primary goal is support and encourage people in their yoga practice. We believe — because it’s happened to us — that yoga can heal and transform peoples’ lives and remind us to take care of each other and our planet.  We design our line in sustainable fabrics, because eco-friendly materials are both more comfortable to wear and align with our belief that yoga can create positive change for the world. We’re grateful to our customers who believe as we do that every choice matters, including what you choose to wear to yoga.
How long has Hyde been around? What inspired you to start an eco-friendly yoga brand?This year, 2015 marks 10 years for Hyde of designing in organic cotton. In 2005, A.K. L’Heureux, a runner and designer who had turned to yoga to heal an injury,  couldn’t find what she wanted in her yoga apparel: quality, comfort, style and sustainability. So taking the lessons of her yoga practice to heart, she founded Hyde and became the change she wanted to see in the world — starting with the world of yoga clothing.

Why eco-friendly?
Environmental sustainability has been the cornerstone of Hyde’s design process since the beginning. While cotton is the yogi’s preferred choice for softness and breathability, it is also the world’s dirtiest crop, requiring more tons per acre of pesticides than any other crop. Cotton fields account for 2.5 percent of the world’s cultivated land, and yet cotton demands nearly 25 percent of all agricultural pesticides. In alignment with the values of yoga which teach first that we do no harm, Hyde chose organic cotton as our signature fabric. And now 10 years later we are furthering our eco-commitment by adding recycled polyester to our line. The ever growing number of plastic bottles accumulating in our oceans and in our landfill demand a solution, so we are excited to recycle them into a luxurious, moisture-wicking fabric and offer our customers a new way to be sustainable.

Can you tell me about your line as a whole and spotlight one or two pieces?
Hyde is a collection of easy, elegant yoga basics. Driven by our own practice, we prioritize simplicity in our design: no zippers, hooks, buttons, etc. that distract from the moving meditation of yoga. We design in solid colors, varying by season, that emphasize the inward focus of the practice. We want you to step onto the mat every day feeling comfortable, beautiful and with the clear conscience that comes from wearing sustainable fabrics. 

A favorite piece in our line is the Wren legging  the latest in our series of pieces designed with yoga teachers we admire and benefitting the charity of their choice. We designed the Wren, a 3/4 length crop with gusseted crotch, with Ame Wren  founder of the Boston Yoga School and named a “Best of Boston” yoga teacher. Ame has been a long time champion of the values we share, and 10% of the proceeds from this legging benefit Farm Sanctuary, a national non-profit protecting farm animals from cruelty and inspiring compassionate living.

Why did you decide to partner with YOGASCAPES on a yoga retreat?
Our mission is inspire practice that heals the planet, and so it’s an amazing opportunity to partner with YOGASCAPES, an organization that helps yogis deepen their practice while exploring the world. We believe that the more people experience the beauty and wisdom of places far from home, the more inspired they become to act as stewards of the earth in their daily lives.

Thank you for bringing us along to Morocco. We can’t wait to see pics of Katie Silcox and all the YOGASCAPES yogis wearing Hyde in Marrakech!

Join YOGASCAPES in Magical Marrakesh from Nov. 15-21 with Katie Silcox guiding the way. Each participant will receive a complementary Hyde Yoga outfit. Get more details + see you there!