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Interview: Brook Cheatham on Being a Warrior of Love in 2016, the Magic of Yoga Retreats & More

January 5, 2016

Whether she is being a good mom or encouraging students to become warriors of love, Brook Cheatham is a powerful yoga teacher and retreat guide.

We are thrilled to have Brook lead one of our yoga retreats to Tulum this upcoming winter, and spoke to her about what she’s moved by, how she inspires her students, and what she’s excited for in Tulum.

We’re thrilled to have you leading daily yoga on our retreat in Tulum. What got you started practicing/teaching yoga? How would you describe your style?

Technically I think it’s called Power Yoga, but honestly, I rely on my class participants energy to help guide the class. My theme for 2016 is “warrior of love,” so my aim is to inspire and to awaken my students to the warrior within, and hopefully spark something in their heart so they leave each class refreshed and ready to return to life stronger and more open to love than when they began.

Can you tell us a bit about the magic of yoga retreats?

Escaping from distractions [on yoga retreats] allows us to reconnect with what’s most important within ourselves and return to [regular] life with a renewed resolve to accomplish our dreams.

Why Tulum? What are you most excited about on this retreat?

I am most excited about the beauty of [Tulum’s] nature, the stars and to meet a new and diverse group to share this practice with.


Who’s your biggest inspiration?

There are so many teachers that have been an inspiration to me, but currently, Sadie Nardini has been my biggest inspiration and motivator. She’s such a bad ass warrior woman, and she challenges me to be a better person and share my gifts. She’s just really awesome.

What quote inspires you the most?

It’s too long to write, but it’s actually a speech by Theodore Roosevelt called “Man in the Arena.”

 Besides yoga, what are you passionate about?

Kissing my husband, being a good mom, cooking, and wine!

What’s one thing you want all your students to know? 

If you’re ready to return to your spirit, yourself, and awaken your soul, then I am here to help you!


Because they have put together so many retreats they know what they are doing! And I can’t wait for the adventure they have planned as much as the students.

Join Brook where the lush jungle meets the ocean in Tulum this March 6 – 12, 2016. Reserve your spot.