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5 Inspiring Yoga Festival Experiences Not to Miss

March 3, 2018

lightning in a bottle

Every year, Lightning in a Bottle brings together incredible collaborators to create an immersive weekend of music, yoga, art, workshops and learning. Attendees pick their own adventure and there’s play for everyone, from an amazing dance-all-night music line up to dreamy art spaces and sound healings. This time, we’re thrilled to feature some of the very special talks and experiences that will surely inspire and move us all. Join us there!

Wisdom Council Sessions

Presented by The Compass and LIB, The Wisdom Council Sessions, will offer a unique opportunity to receive stories and insight from a collection of revered elders and mentors. Through workshops, ceremonies and discussions, these visionaries and leaders will shed light on how to cultivate healthy relationship with our Earth and community, bringing a truly magical experience to Lightning in a Bottle Festival this year. Some highlights include: The Art of Altars talk by Carmen Vicente, Cacao Ceremony by Tata Pedro Cruz, and Mending the Hoop: Cosmic Identity & Sacred Responsibility by Mazatzin. Discover more here.

lightning in a bottle

Women’s Protectors of Mother Earth Across the Americas

Witness a legendary panel of Women’s climate leaders come together to discuss incredible work happening around the world to fight fossil fuels, protect the planet and preserve the Sacred. Living Village Culture offers programming with the intention of “Cultivating the skills and practices to bring village ways into modern life.” Panelists for this event include Indigenous Climate Action’s Executive Director Eriel Deranger, Amazon Watch’s Executive Director Leila Salazar-Lopez, and Idle No More SF Bay’s Co-Founder Pennie Opal Plant, led by the one and only Amy Goodman. It will truly be an inspirational and expansive gathering.

Water Blessing & Fire Ceremony

As a grounding centerpiece to the festival, there will be ceremonies offered at the sacred Fire and Fountain. Starting at 10 am each day, a member of the Wisdom Council will connect the festival to the rhythms of the day and create a welcoming space for to gather, celebrate and be in reverence.

Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Photography by Christine Peterson

Healing Sessions – Haven Spa

After dreamy yoga classes, workshops and late night dancing, nurture yourself at the Haven Spa. Indulge in all kinds of bodywork, energy work and divination sessions. Just let the hosts know what you are looking for and they can direct you to the right session to enliven your spirit.

lightning in a bottle

Photography by Aaran Alps

Om Shan Tea

Always a favorite place to rejuvenate and connect with others, Om Shan Tea offers welcoming Chinese tea ceremony and live music day and night. This magical space has a creative, vibrant spirit and is perfect for some quieter moments during the weekend.

lightning in a bottle

Grab some friends or plan to make epic new friends there, and get your tickets now!