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Infographic: Self-Care Wheel

July 7, 2015

Taking the time for your Self daily is vital in reaching your maximum potential in happiness and productivity.

Take a look at the Self-Care Wheel below to discover various ways to improve your well-being.

via Olga Phoenix:



What’s your top self-care tip?

Olga Phoenix, MPA, MA is an internationally recognized expert and speaker on the topics of Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Trauma-Informed Services, as well as personal and organizational cultures of Sustainability, Self-Care, and Wellness. Through her books, trainings, webinars, and keynotes Olga helped thousands of victim advocates, therapists, substance abuse counselors, law enforcement, criminal justice and medical professionals to find their way to full and thriving life, free of vicarious trauma.

A survivor of interpersonal violence and later vicarious trauma, Olga brings with her a wealth of personal experiences, which she shares with raw candor, passion, and humor. Olga’s reputation as trainer and speaker is built on her tremendous capacity to address challenging topics with compassion and warmth while creating safe and supportive spaces where validated participants can share deeply about their experiences in the trauma field and engage in organic process of finding practical yet profound solutions for unique challenges experienced on individual and organizational levels.

Olga is a creator of the Self-Care Wheel, a comprehensive wellness and vicarious trauma prevention tool, translated in several languages, and widely used in United States and abroad. Her new book is based on the concept of Self-Care Wheel and entitled “Victim Advocate’s Guide to Wellness: Six Dimensions of Vicarious Trauma-Free Life.”