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Holistic Remedies for Jetlag

June 10, 2015

Jetlag comes in many forms and should not necessarily be part of your yoga retreat experience! In fact it doesn’t have to be and we’ve found this wonderful post by Nan Martin with some insight on how to prevent and help with Jetlag!

Remedies for jet lag are easy with essential oils! Jet lag is one of those annoying things that can happen when you travel long distances.

Because we travel across time zones the body’s natural or circadian rhythms become disrupted. It can come with fatigue, insomnia, headache, mental confusion and even mild depression!

And this happens in addition to the other problems that some of us experience when traveling by air! Other things we combat when we fly are: air travel sickness, leg cramping, swollen ankles and infection!

But, essential oil remedies for jet lag help support the body in naturally keeping in balance when you travel. So let us see how essential oils can help us have a more pleasant travel experience!

How do I Prevent Jet Lag Using Essential Oils?
Preventing jet lag starts 24 hours at least before you get on the plane! So let’s see how essential oils can help us prepare to fly.

  • Eating and Drinking – Drink plenty of water and eat as many hydrating foods as you can before your trip. Add some lemon or Citrus Fresh to your water so you stay hydrated and maintain your electrolyte balance.
  • Stress Level – Ease your stress level by using oils before your trip. For me, I like to use Present Time My panic comes from not staying in the moment so this works best for me.
  • Sleep Well – Get a good night sleep. Place some oils on your pillow and/or diffuse some oils in your room for the night.

These things can make jet lag better or worst! So even after you arrive at your destination, continue to apply these tips. The remedies for jet lag work if you continue to apply them. And make sure you consider them before you return home!

What Remedies for Jet Lag do I Use once I am at my Destination?
Here are some tips for when you arrive.

  • Sleep Later than Sooner – Try to stay up until it is time to go to bed in the current time zone. Bring a travel diffuser so you can continue to diffuse oils in your hotel or guest room! And apply to your feet, head and neck before you go to bed.
  • Take a Bath – A bath before you go to sleep will help you relax. Add lavender or geranium or any of the oils for stress to help. It is easier to add oils to Epsom salts so they disperse. If you don’t have any, just use some regular table salt as a temporary measure.
  • Drink Water and Limit Alcohol – Sorry, alcohol really interrupts the sleep cycles and tires the body. I never sleep well when I have had more than two drinks. I know everyone is different but your body doesn’t need to deal with jet lag and a hangover. Continue to drink lots of water!

What are the Best Essential Oil Remedies for Jet Lag?

Clarity and Brain Power oxygenate the brain and will aid in concentration and focus. Brain Power will clear any brain fog. Grapefruit, eucalyptus globulus and peppermint are very uplifting. And Lavender and geranium are relaxing. Valor gives us courage and Present Time keeps us relaxed and in the moment.

Other Problems on the Plane besides Jet Lag?

The oils you use for remedies for jet lag can also be used to address some of the other problems we encounter when we fly. Read below for some other tips.

I Get an Upset Stomach when I Fly – What Oils do I Use?

Air travel sickness is terrible and oils can definitely help you in this department. Before you get on the plane, use peppermint essential oils or better, apply Di-Gize on the bottom of your feet. Bring your peppermint oil with you and place it in hot or cold water, or some tea to help with nausea or the chance of vomiting. Ginger is also good. Di-Gize blend has both, so I tend to just bring that along for the ride.

What Essential Oils Do I Use for Overcoming the Fear of Flying?

If you have any stress about flying or fears when flying, definitely visit the stress section to get some tips on selecting oil for yourself.

Again, for me, I always go with Present Time. But the others are great too! You have to find out what works best for you. But Present time also is on the remedies for jet lag list, so you can kill two birds with one stone as they say!

And if your kids are worried, or are irritable with a long flight, make sure you use oils on them too! They usually love Peace & Calming , Citrus Fresh or Lavender.

What Oils can I Use to Prevent Cramping?

Personally, I make sure that I have a good layer of Ortho Sport massage oil on my legs before I get on any airplane (or horse for that matter). Our body wasn’t meant for sitting for long period of times. This will help with cramping, muscle spasms, etc. Aroma Siez and grapefruit will help with muscle spasm. Look over the oils for muscles as well.

What Oils can I use to Prevent Swollen Feet and Ankles?

Usually this happens because we are sitting and our circulation isn’t as good as we would like. Geranium, Aroma LifeCitrus Fresh and Cypress essential oils will all help. Most of those oils are on the remedies for jet lag list above as well.

And remember with all of these conditions, make sure you get up and walk and stretch at least every hour when you are on a plane!

Everyone is Sick on the Plane – What Do I Do?

The heck with remedies for jet lag; I am always concerned about coming down with some nasty bug when I am flying! I mean we all know that planes are breeding ground for germs because the air is re-circulated. So this is just another reason to follow up on all the pre-flight plans and bring your essential oils!

I will not get on a plane without Thieves essential oil or spray. I spray my chair and clean off as much as I can with Thieves. Everyone I have ever met loves the smell, so I rarely get a complaint. Most times, people ask if they can use it too!

Thieves is the immune boostingessential oil blend that I have ever used. But ImmuPower, lavender, lemon, geranium and rosemary will also help.

What Next?

Book your ticket, pack your oil remedies for jet lag and enjoy your trip!

PS – Worried about X-raying your Oils?

Well in today’s world, getting your oils through security without submitting them to x-ray equipment is virtually impossible. But please don’t worry. I know we all have read that when essential oils are x-rayed it destroys the effectiveness of the oils.

However, I do not believe this because I won’t get on a plane without my oils. I do believe that the molecules get scrambled a bit when they go through the equipment. But like us, we recover in a few minutes and are ready to do our job!

Happy Traveling!


Article by Nan Martin @