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Here’s How You’re Probably More Connected Than You Think

July 10, 2017

Yoga teaches us that separation is an illusion – that all things share a common energy source and that we are all cut from the same existential fabric called Prana. When we play into the illusion that we don’t actually affect one another, we’re really just ignoring reality. Isn’t that the worst kind of ignorant, anyway?

There may be moments where it feels like we are independent, and that type of emotionally driven perception can be pretty convincing. But, there isn’t any evidence that we exist independently of any thing or anyone. What is evident is that we exist within a vast network of people, things and beliefs that influence us, everyday.

Here are 3 ways to stretch your perspective on how being in relationship to all parts of your life make you pretty darn important and totally interdependent!

1. You are Not Independent of Your Enemies: Believing that the people who agitate us also create positive value in our life can be tricky. To think that that lady who cut you off in traffic or the guy who didn’t text you after your great 2nd date is somehow energetically relevant to your life may be difficult to swallow, but they are! That agitation allows us to feel our limits more clearly and to ultimately understand what we get from our healthier, more enjoyable interactions that make them so great in the first place. These salty interactions are necessary! Having people who walk through life in a different way than us can be the reminders for how we want to walk through our own.

2. Your Stuff is an Extension of You: Prana exists in living things and material inventions, too. You may not like your car, but how you keep it reflects how you value it. Our stuff was either chosen by us or put upon us and we have chosen to keep hold of it. This choosing, whether conscious and willful or unconscious is an extension of our wanting.

3. What You Touch, Touches You: When you take a step and your foot hits the floor, there is an invisible force that pushes up through you – it’s called Ground Force Reaction and it is a real thing. What you eat becomes part of your body. What you think, read and hear becomes part of your mentality. How you speak to another person affects them and their reaction comes back to you. The people you associate with make up your community and that broader culture influences you subconsciously. Even your inhaling affects the physical space around your body at an atomic level!

When life gets uncomfortable, it may be easier to pretend that we aren’t as important to the things and people around us and so we can get away with being less than awesome. We can get good at believing that the places we go, the people we know and the stuff that makes up our daily scenery isn’t that important. But the reality is that all things are interdependent. Take some time connecting consciously to all parts of your life, and for the sake of karma…try to leave it better than you found it!