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Great Medicine of the North

February 3, 2017

We have  passed the threshold of the Sacred Direction of the North, Winters Solstice, December 21st,  a time of depth, stillness and reflection. It is really hard to truly embrace this time when our cultural calendar constantly says its party time but our universal and intuitive calendar says, go with in, drop the time and and just be..and our aim to please everyone goes into overdrive of this frenetic energy of buying, giving, doing, giving, driving, giving, cooking, giving,breakdown, giving…you get the point!! This is a dis-ease we have in our culture that does not know how to break the cycle, the old patterns of doing until you die. I don’t mean that literally but its a disease as women that we have of holding the seat of doing it all because depending on your placement and seat in your family system, we do not know how to truly embrace the stillness because we just don’t know how to say NO. To honor the shift in our seasons is essential to our well being of nurturance. If you were to really be with six months ago on Summer Solstice and to be with standing before our Winters Solstice, and to really think and be with ALL YOU HAVE WALKED!! Inhale, Exhale… with that for a moment, for six months, whom have you walked with, whom have you walked away from, have you suffered heart ache, tragedy, have you laughed and celebrated beauty , what would you have done differently, whom would you bring closer? And as you are with this shift into our Winters Slumber what and how do you need to clean your house, meaning whom and what do you need to let go of as you prepare for the slumber ahead. To truly access the deep stillness of the spaces in between, you really need to let go of the clutter, in your home, your mind, your body, your heart…so you can embrace the space in-between of true nothingness but in its everythingness!! It took me so long to truly figure out and access the serenity of the sacred stillness. Have you ever walked in the woods, during a snowstorm, and the stillness is so great that you can hear the snow flakes hitting the pine needles? Its one of the most special sounds on Earth. I say this because it takes balance, stillness and clarity to “hear” this beauty, this is the kind of beauty you can, hear, you can see, you can feel so deeply until you have no concept of time, space or even caring what will happen next, there is this pause that Mother Nature is gifting you with, gift of your Essence, your Body and your Mind have found a space to be in such equality with one another, that nothing else matters. This is the great medicine of the North, the teachings of her stillness. Can you feel it? Do you want to know it? Do you want to be in it and be apart of it?


Preparing for the Great Stillness of the North

Start with creating sacred space. Just you, an alter of Mother Nature and her abundances right now, berries, holly, pinecones, add in any stones, 4 legged or winged one representations that speak to you and a bowl of water, a bowl of soil from earth and a candle.

Start with pranyama( breathing) work, inhaling for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, exhaling for 5 counts and pause before beginning again. Start for 5 rounds, then shift to no counting inhale until you are full, pausing into the space in between and holding until you feel complete and exhale until you are empty and staying in the pause before you begin again. You develop a rhythm, is there something from nature that moves in rhythm that you love, be with that, layer this in your breath…. , and start to be aware of where is there an imbalance, in your inhale, your pause in between or your exhale. And sit not in judgement of yourself but of exploration of intrigue and then correct the imbalance, by tuning into the pause of intuitive wisdom that you hold, you just have to understand and be courageous enough to pause long enough to receive the stillness, for your wisdom is to found there, you just need to start believing in this guidance you hold to embody.

Next be with your past six months from Summer Solstice, to now of Winter Solstice..use your breathing you just learned, inhale until you are full, pause, exhale until you are empty, pause… start writing down on a piece of paper what you are willing and ready to release, because it no longer can be carried with you from this moment forward. If it feels heavy, write it down and be prepared to let it go. You are creating a home that is free of clutter and chaos so you may know and have space of true stillness in your being. This is a skill that needs to be embodied and worked with daily ,  so trust yourself enough to open the doors to this space of peace in your world, in your being.

When you are ready to be free,be in front of your alter, get a bowl that you can burn this paper in and when you are ready you will burn this piece of paper in the it burns away watch as it lightens into nothingness..just like that!! When you are complete, take a movement of pause to inhale and exhale..pour, your water and place your soil into this bowl as you are receiving a blessing from Mother Earth for this sacred releasing for your evolvement.

And if you really want to make this sacred have someone witness you releasing or share with that someone after this ceremony and have them hold you accountable. Its very powerful when you can be witnessed creating sacred space for your well being in this world!!



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Kate Mulheron

Kate has practiced many styles of yoga over twenty five years including: classical Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Forrest, Ashtanga and Bikram. She completed Hot Yoga Teacher’s Training in December of 2008. She went on to train with Ana Forrest in October of 2009 which she considers one of the most pivotal experiences of her life. Ana Forrest reminded Kate of the healer she was meant to be, by providing a space for Kate to take a deep and honest look at the protective barriers that held her back in life, until that point. Kate’s great love of Forrest Yoga has significantly impacted her practice, life, and spirit and has taught her a greater understanding of the healing power of breath and movement within the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of the human body. The teaching Kate provides, will truly help you unlock your barriers that hold you back from walking a path of vibrancy in this life. Kate is a leading Forrest Yoga teacher and is truly honored to be able to bring her great passion for this art of healing to all that cross her path at all the studios she teaches at including: Yoga Pod, Radiance Power Yoga, and Amana, in Boulder Colorado as well as Tula Hot Yoga Studio in Denver.

Kate is in formal mentorship with Native trained teacher, Trudy Welty. They continue in-depth studies from a Native perspective about the Universal Circle and Healing as a part of the cycle of life. Her teacher Miss Trudy is a very seasoned teacher in the Native Ways. Trudy is known as a Wisdom Holder in her tradition and she has spent thirty years teaching people how to heal and live more peacefully in this world. Kate considers it a deep honor to have been blessed with these teachings from Miss Trudy, and considers these teachings as the guiding force in supporting Kate to teach people to heal themselves through balancing the relationship between their body, mind and spirit. Kate also facilitates many healing circles in her community, using the Seven Directions, Elements, and relationship to the Natural World.