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Getting Glowy, Embracing the Goddess & Finding Inspiration With How You Glow’s Jessie & Tara

December 9, 2015

Yoga retreats are all about finding your glow, so partnering with How You Glow’s Jessie Groveman and Tara Sowlaty was a natural fit.

We spoke to the glowy duo about How You Glow, healing, yoga, Bali, and so much more.

To begin, we are so excited to have you both hosting our How You Glow Yoga Retreat in Bali! Can you tell us a bit about what How You Glow is? How did you decide on the name? What’s your mission?

JessieHow You Glow is a resource for people seeking more vibrancy, pleasure, health and balance (aren’t we all?!). In finding a name for our brand, Tara and I were searching for a word that could describe the indescribably special, attractive quality that makes you gravitate towards someone, you know, those people who you’re dying to know “what their secret is”. GLOW, which we define as “positive vibrational energy that radiates from the inside out” describes that sparkly quality, and our site is an exploration of goodness, helping people to find ways to integrate more glow into their lives.

TaraOur mission is to share this goodness with others, and make a difference in their lives. Connection with others is insanely powerful… the glow is real!


Jessie, you don’t hear about yoga teachers who are also art therapists often. Can you tell us a bit about multi-sensory healing and blending yoga with journaling and art making? How will you incorporate multi-sensory healing on retreat?

Jessie: The practice of yoga creates energy in the body and spaciousness in the mind, allowing oneself to tap into the unconscious and get the creative juices flowing! Journaling and art making following yoga practice can be an incredibly powerful experience, especially in a transporting, healing setting such as Bali. A large focus of my work with people is helping them to manifest their innermost desires. I strongly believe that we create our own reality and getting in touch with yourself and your intentions will change your life. Throughout this retreat, people will get the opportunity to exactly that.

Tara, you are a holistic nutritionist and healer. Can you tell us a bit about how this connects to yoga and why nutrition is important? What food are you most excited for in Bali? 

Tara: Yoga is the peacefulness of the mind and body. Nutrition is the care of what goes into the mind and body. A healthy body requires this nutritional soundness and vice versa. They are inextricably linked. What we put into our bodies directly manifests into the outer body. Yoga + nutrition are a perfect pairing because when you practice these two in conjunction you can reach a really amazing level of vibrancy. I’m so so excited to have the incredible fruit on the Bali Island (the smoothies will be outrageous!) as well as their famous fried rice dishes!

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Jessie and Tara, can you tell us a bit about what got you into yoga practicing and teaching? What does the practice mean to you? What do you hope your students gain through your classes?

Jessie: I started practicing yoga when I went to school in Boulder, Colo. My life was changed after the first time I truly experienced Savasana —I had never experienced relaxation like that, or the sense of connectedness, inner peace, and openness that yoga has brought to my life. After I graduated, I went to live at Kripalu Center for Yoga in the Berkshires— living, eating and breathing yoga & meditation for a month solidified my practice and my appreciation for this path. My classes hopefully provide a calming and uplifting space for people to explore themselves and their bodies, free of judgment, as well as music and beautiful essential oils.

Tara: Practicing yoga is one of life’s ultimate pleasures. It allows me to take time to check in with myself. Nurture my body. Challenge myself. And unplug from the world and plug into my psyche. It’s magic. I started practicing yoga over 10 years ago, and ever since it has been a huge part of my life.

Bali is known as one of the most magical, healing places on earth. Why are you excited to host a retreat in Bali? What are you most excited for, specifically?

Jessie: I’ve never been to Bali and it’s been at the top of my list for as long as I can remember. Everyone has always told me that if I went I would probably never come back!  It seems like the most healing, peaceful, gorgeous place on Earth. I’m so excited to feel the energy there, see the beautiful landscape, and eat the delicious Balinese cuisine.

Tara: I went to Bali a few years back and felt a transformative shift when I got there. I had never felt so moved by a place before. I instantly wanted to pack up and move there for  good. There is an intense spirituality that lies within the earth, sky, and the people who live there— it’s incredibly palpable. So, it’s only fitting that I’m off to teach my first retreat there….

We will be visiting the island of goddesses, what does it mean to embrace your inner goddess? How do you glow?

Jessie: That is going to be amazing. For me, embracing my inner goddess is taking time to really nurture myself. Taking long baths, practicing yoga, getting massages, meditating, being in nature, preparing a delicious meal, being with friends.. doing the things that bring me joy and tap into my feminine energy on a daily basis.

Tara: Embracing my inner goodness means nurturing my body, mind and soul. Feeling sexy, taking time for me, and feeling absolutely whole within myself! I glow when I resonate with my surroundings in a positive way– working hard, eating well, indulging in my favorite foods, getting along well with my loved one and friends, and moving my body. When everything is in harmony, that’s when I’m the glowiest.

What’s one thing no one would ever know about you?

Jessie: Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist and I am obsessed with underwater life.

Tara: I owned my own clothing line before the age of 18! And I was the lead singer of an air guitar band.

What’s one winter self-care tip that you have?

Jessie: Carry essential oils like lavender, peppermint and frankincense in your bag for a instant mood boost or dose of calm on the go. Also, make sure to take some time to be by yourself and in nature to recharge your battery.

Tara: Get lots of massages to keep your body warm and nurtured. Take hot yoga classes. Eat warming foods, like soups, braised meats and vegetables. Keep your body moisturized and vibrant with coconut oils and essential oils.

Who/ what inspires you? 

Jessie: Anyone living their life passionately and to the fullest. People who aren’t afraid to take risks and follow their dreams. Nature is also very inspiring to me.

Tara: I’m most inspired by my travels. There is so much world out there and so many different approaches to life— it’s absolutely incredible and life-changing to experience a little slice of when I travel.

Share your favorite quote/quotes:

Jessie: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” —Nietzsche

Tara: “Learn the rules like and pro, and break them like an artist.” I love this quote so much because for me it reminds me to keep the balance, but in the most artful way. Life is about learning what makes you feel best, but breaking away from that as well.

Join Jessie and Tara in Bali this upcoming March 26-April 2. Reserve your slot before the retreat fills up here!