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Free Your Voice

June 30, 2015

I recently found myself in one of the scariest places on earth.  A San Francisco singing/drum circle surrounded by really open, really emotional, really nice people.  My girlfriend convinced me to go.  She has a habit of pushing me to do the things that are best for me that I would never chose to do alone.  I’ve heard people rave about Amber’s music and how life changing her Free Your Voice classes were, so I was naturally skeptical and excited to find out.  It turns out singing and drumming at the same time is really really hard. But, like how surfing is so much fun to fail at that you just want to keep going out there to try, I soon realized that the joy of practicing and failing isn’t much different than practicing and “nailing it”. This concept transforms the act of being musical from an experience tied to results to an adventure tied to the body.

Having had such a moving experience in her class and having seen first hand how effected and moved others are in the safe and powerful space that we all co-created and in which Amber facilitated, I wanted to know more!  More about what it meant to Amber to sing, to teach singing and what it mean’s to Free Your Voice.

In this article, Amber discusses the importance of freeing your voice and expressing your truth, and how this creates pride and social change. She offers life-changing Free Your Voice workshops, and her next San Francisco 10-week series begin mid-July. The schedule is at the end of the article.

Connections of Freeing Your Voice and Pride by Amber Field

Happy Pride! Yay to the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states! My long coming out process started 23 years ago and included my religion, family, and society all telling me that I was abnormal and bad for loving another woman. What saved me in my struggle to accept myself and change society after I lost my faith, family and community was freeing my voice, telling my story, and creating art and meaning from my pain. My own path of empowerment has focused on no longer being silent but speaking, sounding and singing my truth.

One of my greatest joys and gifts is the opportunity to share the tools and resources that have helped me through Free Your Voice workshops and trainings. My classes provide safe space for people to express their truth, stories, and voices. This workshop is much more than singing, sounding, and speaking: it’s about liberating your spirit and being in community! The creative process is joyful, playful, fun, and healing.

The throat chakra is related to expressing yourself and speaking your truth. The throat is the link between the heart and the head. Ideally, you want a clear channel to allow the head and heart to come into conversation and balance with each other. The throat is connected to divine will, being in right relationship to your life’s purpose. When you can speak, sing and sound your truth, you are in integrity and can move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Chanting/toning through the chakras allows you to open up your whole body through sound. This helps bring chakras into balance and alignment. You can literally feel sound opening up your body, releasing tension and knots, helping breath and energy flow through blocked areas, and giving your body an internal massage.

Singing is one of the best activities you can do for your health. By taking long exhalations, you calm down your nervous system. You also release endorphins and dopamine (happy chemicals!) and when you sing in groups, you release oxytocin, which is the bonding/attachment hormone. In short, singing makes you happy!

Group singing is such a powerful way to come together to bring healing energy to the world. In my classes, we sing spirit and freedom songs from around the world–Indian bhajans and kirtan, African American spirituals, Sufi chants. These songs of love, devotion, and hope are such a powerful vibration to put out into the world. I have watched free your voice classes transform people’s lives, and witnessed my own transformation into a more empowered, joyful, free being.

As we come to this historic moment when gay marriage is legalized, it has taken millions of courageous queer and trans persons to speak and live our truths in the face of societal and often family hostility. It has taken countless allies to voice their support. I see how freeing our voices means creating a world where everyone can thrive!

I am offering 4 different series starting in mid-July. If you want a serious dose of fun and play in your life and to create the life you’ve always dreamed of, free your voice with me in one of my 10-week summer workshops! For all skill levels from absolute beginners to professional singers. I create a safe space for everyone to explore their edges around their voices.

I look forward to singing and sounding with you soon. In love and freedom!

Upcoming Events:

Free Your Voice 1: Initiation

Sound meditations, chanting, spirit songs, vocal expressive arts, improv performance, and play! All levels
10 Sundays 5:20 to 6:50pm, July 19-Sept 26
Maru SF Dojo, 736 14th St., Church & Market MUNI


10 Mondays 7:30 to 9pm, July 20-Sept 27
Flood Building, 870 Market St. #336, downtown Powell Station

Free Your Voice While Drumming

You will need to bring your own djembe, darbuka, or Arabic tambourine as you learn to sing and drum at the same time. Beginning and intermediate levels.
10 Sundays 7 to 8:30pm, July 19-Sept 26
Maru SF Dojo, 736 14th St., Church & Market MUNI

Free Your Voice 2: Harmony
Spirituals and gospel in 4-part harmony in addition to expressive arts, sound meditations, improv, and more!
For singers or people who took my Level 1.
10 Mondays 5:50 to 7:20pm, July 20-Sept 27
Flood Building, 870 Market St. #336, downtown Powell station
All classes are $299 early bird by July 10, afterwards $349. Paypal $308
(to cover credit card fees) to [email protected] to reserve your spot. Classes fill up so pre-register early! Read Yelp reviews at

“Amber Field’s “Free Your Voice” Workshop was absolutely astounding. She is incredibly skilled at quietly creating a safe space and gently encouraging people to explore and find their truth, then openly express it. Whether you are a professional singer or have never sung a note in your life you will benefit from this workshop. Sign up NOW!!! You won’t regret it.”

–Colleen B., Levels 1 and 2 student

“She breaks down rhythm in a way that makes it incredibly tangible for a total beginner. And then she teaches you to integrate your voice while drumming. An awesome teacher!” –Jai S, Levels 1, 2, and drumming student “Amber is just awesome…She led a workshop that was very freeing in many aspects. Before I knew it I was singing and using my voice with so much more confidence and freedom. The change came very fast too. I am very grateful for what she has done in terms of my singing improvement. The other thing about her workshop is that it was so much fun. Amber attracts cool, fun and free people and her workshop only shoots up from there. Again, I would gladly take another workshop with her and would highly recommend her.”–Lana R, Free Your Voice 2-time student


An Article by Voice Liberator Amber Field

Amber Field was featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay for yoga music. She has performed at Esalen, Wanderlust, and the Yoga Journal Conference. Amber studied Indian classical music at Viswa Bharati University in India and specializes in world fusion music. She plays didgeridoo, djembe, Arabic tambourine, esraj, and sings like an angel. Her latest yoga album Serendip has been called “haunting hybrid soundscapes of bliss.” Amber delights in helping people free their voices, creativity and spirits.