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Floating on Empty

September 25, 2015

kevin-yee chan

There’s something freeing about being weightless. In that moment just at the height of a jump where for a split second you’re traveling neither up nor down, you lose sense of direction, of gravity… you float. Empty.

It’s one of the reasons I love dancing and moving- because I can physically bring myself to these moments: between up and down, left and right, here and there… where I feel weightless and empty. And when none of the trivialities of direction or place are cluttering my experience, it’s in these moments of emptiness that I understand most clearly how infinitely full I can be.

In western culture, we don’t typically praise the experience of empty. We tend to want more: more money, more promotions, more gadgets, more attention. Emptiness is usually associated with a sense of loss. I’ll admit, I’ve had difficult experiences with loss myself. Just in the last month I have lost my phone (and with it all its conveniences) and a few days afterwards my bank account was hacked wiping me clean of nearly all my virtual money. On wider scale and a less material level, I have personally witnessed the unexpected deaths of two very influential and loved figures in my life.

It’s not easy when we lose people or things, and it doesn’t get any easier with time. But beyond the clutter of sadness, pain, and anguish, what loss reveals is emptiness.

“The usefulness of the cup is in its emptiness.”
Bruce Lee

josh yee-chan

When loss greets to me, I remind myself that it is a way to empty my cup. It may be trying at times, but ultimately it’s an emptiness that reminds me of a space which holds infinite possibility. An emptiness that reminds me just how full I can be and how full I already am… full of life, light, and love.

I’ve found myself running on empty quite a bit lately, and it has cleared the way for some of the universe’s infinite love to flow back into my cup. I’d love to empty my cup into yours so that you can continue passing it along.

Kevin Yee-Chan

Kevin has been an activist from an early age and has fused that with movement through a 10-year career as a ballet and modern dancer and a dedication to the art of yoga. His passion for expression of the soul through movement has carried him around the world- dancing for companies such as Smuin Ballet, BalletX and Zhukov Dance Theatre in the USA as well as Stadttheater Bremerhaven in Germany, and most notably Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin in France. As a yogi, he has had the opportunity to train in places steeped with tradition such as India and Bali while continuing to teach for communities in Bali, San Francisco, Australia and Fiji.

He is the co-founder of
the LAB Community- a holistic development space throughout the Global South and a platform through which he shares his experience using physical movement as a tool for manifesting change and living fully and mindfully.