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Five 2019 Fall Retreats to Fall For

June 13, 2019

Fall is the time for deep transformation as we move away from the expanse of summer and prepare ourselves to gracefully and effectively welcome in the darkness of winter. It is a time to take stock of the flight filled adventure of the long days and begin to understand what blossomed or didn’t, what took it’s fullness and the sorrow that inevitably comes with the loss of the abundance of summer. There’s no better place to do this than on one of our five epic retreats this fall. Each retreat is filled to the brim with the magic of the land and the people to inspire presence in whatever part of transformation you are looking to welcome in… Understanding and receiving the last of bits of the beautiful sunlight of summer, or letting go of what no longer serves you and inviting in grief to be fully experienced as it wants to be in fall… or anywhere in between, a retreat is the perfect place to embrace the unfolding and transformation of this magical season.

Iceland – Epic Iceland

People always ask me what my favorite retreat is and 9 out of 10 times i’ll tell them it’s Iceland. The raw beauty, power, aliveness and magic of this place strikes a chord deep within. Like hearing your children laughing sweetly in the other room or the way that African drumming just moves you. We’ll be heading there with one of our favorite teachers, Devon Sweeney, in August and you don’t want to miss it!

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yoga retreat iceland

Peru – Ritual of Wonder

The magic of the sacred valley is unlike anywhere on earth and we’re so excited to be going back for the 4th time this coming year with a local teacher Marta Wanderlust. This itinerary will be the most heartfelt and full of ritual and wonder that we’ve ever had. And with a trip to one of the best restaurants in the world for lunch (Mil Centro), this is an experience you’ll never forget.

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Peru Yoga Retreat

Cuba – Yoga Retreat & Adventure

For our maiden voyage to Cuba, we wanted to do it right and authentic so we have decided to work with the wellness travel experts at Cuba Wellness Travel to put together an itinerary that honors the culture of Cuba and the wellness/healthiness of Yogascapes all at once.  Combine this cultural immersion with one of our favorite teachers, Lihi Benisty, and you’re about to go on a trip you’ll never forget.

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cuba yoga retreat

Morocco – Women’s Retreat

We’ve been to Morocco so many times and it’s always a magical adventure. This time we’ve decided to make it a women’s retreat! We know that as a woman traveling by yourself in Morocco can be challenging and can feel unsafe, however, being together in a group means you can get the most out of Morocco in the safety of numbers and our guides and yet honor the calling to tap into the divine feminine that calls you.  Join Glo and Grace on this transformative adventure, full of delicious food, dancing, yoga, meditation, sharing, supporting and so much more!

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Morocco Wellness Retreat

Palawan – Vitamin Sea Retreat

Palawan as been calling to us and so I headed its call and took a research trip on the back of our Sri Lanka Yoga Retreat to find out what it’s all about. This place is full of magic, wonder, snorkeling, private islands, sweet sweet people, delicious food, sun worship, boat trips, coconuts, laughter, beaches and the feeling that you’ve discovered the edge of the world. We can’t wait to host you in this magical magical place.

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palawan yoga retreat