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Finding It

December 10, 2016

This is an inspiring story about rediscovering and finding your passion, what Alexa call’s your “Why.” Learn about Alexa’s process ‘finding it’ and what lessons she learned on her journey that will help inspire you.



This year I was on a sabbatical for 3 months.

I’ve carved out this time, to deeply rest, to allow answers come to me, but also to study and write on my fascia vinyasa teacher training manual.

My adventure involved over 18.000 km’s of driving Australia’s stunning country roads and 10 days meditating in silence, (no speaking at all that means).

I pulled the hand-break, because I wanted to get to the core of my intentions, to my ‘why.’


Because I heard friends, students and occasionally even myself saying (and believing) ‘I’m so busy, so stressed and so exhausted. I’m over it. ‘  This had to change. 

Because I know that every change begins with me.

Because through my passion for the science of fascia and my training in KMI Structural Integration – the yoga I practiced and taught so far needed a applicable re-evaluation.

Because I wanted to get clear about when, where and how to share and experience my insights and skills with you. 

Because ultimately your spirited presence, your joy, health and fulfillment, on and off the mat, is the propellant that brings me here.

It was time to re-explore my core intent, so my life- and work decisions are aligned and worthwhile.

I learned a lot during this time.

One thing in particular: The less I pushed, the less I tried to look for IT (my Inevitable Truth), the clearer IT became.

I just had to let go of craving certain hallmarks of success to make me feel fulfilled and happy, and rather focus on the effects, the smiles, and transformations I want to create through my work.

This had to start with breathing more love, with appreciating myself and the people I’m surrounded by (which involves you too!).

I explain all this to you because I want to remind you that no matter what you do to make a shift, chances are high that it’s not always going to be without obstacles.

Know that these obstacles contain your very personalized lessons and are a necessary deviation to get closer to your desired destination. 

Creating a life, the relationships, and work that you are inspired and energized by, that you are proud of, takes

1. radical honesty to yourself and others;
2. sweat (in various forms, tears are one of them);
3. patience, patience and time. (Most often, lots of it.)

You matter. Your presence, your energy and your love matter. Your gifts matter.

It isn’t always easy, but I believe it’s worth to follow your intuition, your built-in spark. Not knowing if something will work out or not, can be pretty scary. Everybody who pursues the journey of growth and contribution moves through this daily.

Embrace the growth pain and use the tools you have to become more flexible, resilient and kinder to yourself.

As you continue to go after your dreams, to practice and study (yourself through yoga, meditation, movement in general, or your art) to live your desires, day by day, you’ll learn to trust and authentically express yourself.

Going the distance is necessary. Nothing happens over night. Not the handstand, not the healthy, resilient body, the peaceful mind, the thriving community or business. Commitment, deep listening, friendships, patience and daily action (no matter how big) are your best allies.

So instead of holding back, fearfully forecasting or resisting your ‘IT’ – walk towards it, step by step. 

You see, being in the natural flow of life and creating meaningful work isn’t all about chasing big dreams, achieving 129393 goals (and overwhelming tasks that come with it).

It’s about fearlessly, genuinely tuning into your personal passion, connecting to your why, your mission and your community. You don’t have to wait until you are perfect, cleared all bad habits and problems out of your life. You just have to take the time to stop, accept your beautiful self, press reset, and trust that life will always support you in your aligned actions.

Ask yourself, what is it, that you know is true for you and what  is not? Why is that so and which steps can you take to lean into your IT a little more.


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Alexa Nehter

German born and raised, science and sports educator turned Hatha Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher, author of The Clean Yogi, speaker and coach, Alexa Nehter engages a wide audience globally with her relatable and encouraging approach to yoga and mindful, soulful living.

Alexa believes in the refinement of movement, space and stillness. Her mission is to inspire a passion for yoga in a way that is inclusive, inviting and empowering. Alexa offers yoga retreats, classes, courses and workshops online and in person world wide.